Justice League…


The Ratings System Explained

Date: November 29, 2017

With low expectations…I ended up seriously enjoying this movie.

Not only was this the most enjoyment I got out of a DC Universe movie [though I’ve not seen Wonder Woman yet…Shame on me!]…I thought this was a rather good movie, on it’s own.

Could it have been better?…of course…But it was focused, coherent, fun and engaging.

There are valid complaints…like the massive amounts of CGI…or the story being extremely minimal…or the villain only being about a quarter of a step deeper than Doomsday…

The movie still seems to work, despite these quibbles…and the fact that some things could have been fleshed out a bit better.

I think this movie is mostly suffering from living in the shadow of “Man of Steel”, “Batman V Superman”…and probably “Suicide Squad”…

This is the second DCU movie I’ve seen, thus far…that I was reasonably happy with.

It would be a shame, if they didn’t move forward…

…Though, if they do reboot…I’ll still be looking forward to that.


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