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I Am NOT An Atheist: Discussions about Doubt, Discovery, Good, and the Godless (TTA Podcast 337)…


Date: November 28, 2017

01) I Am NOT An Atheist: Discussions about Doubt, Discovery, Good, and the Godless (TTA Podcast 337)

“This broadcast features various conversations with people who – for a variety of reasons – say they are not atheists. Some are simply averse to the label. Others declare that they are “spiritual.” Still others are navigating a very personal (and very difficult) road out of religious belief.

These are candid and compelling discussions about belief, spirituality, labels, and the search for truth.”

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It looks like someone is scheming, to get “pedophiles” banished from YouTube…

Date: November 27, 2017

01) YouTube has a pedophile problem on its hands

“The streaming-video giant has seen a slew of big brands — including Adidas, Deutsche Bank, Amazon and Oreo maker Mondelez — yank ads after a UK newspaper revealed on Friday they got paired with videos of scantily clad children that attracted disgusting comments from pedophiles.

Creeps have been flocking to YouTube videos of young girls in their underwear lazing in bed, doing splits and playing with each other. Many of the segments are uploaded by the kids themselves, with sick viewers asking them to remove their clothes and perform sex acts in future videos.

In its investigation, the Times of London said YouTube, a unit of Alphabet’s Inc. Google, had allowed sexualized imagery of children to be easily searchable, and that it hadn’t lived up to promises to better police its site to protect children.

In some cases, creeps were able to bypass YouTube’s filters by entering their searches in Russian, which brought up videos of Slavic children.”

It’s impossible to say exactly who is behind it…Some of these people are likely plants and moles, who are trying to make things appear like a “pedophile epidemic” on YouTube.

It’s not so much about what’s factually going on, as it’s about what someone can make the paranoid masses believe is going on.

People from that camp get extremely dirty, and underhanded…and I’ve seen things of this nature happen, too many times.

…But I’ve been saying for years, this stuff needs to stop. It serves no purpose, for people to leave flirtatious comments on the videos of young kids…except to enrage and panic paranoid people.

Eventually…someone is going to exploit this…and it’s going to blow up in the face of MAPs, in general.

Now they’re trying to get people riled up, about “pedophiles on YouTube”…and escalate the dropping of advertiser dollars?…

…Another BS, social media panic…

YouTube is spineless, gutless, unprincipled, and bends over for the all mighty dollar…they’ve always treated MAPs like garbage…

…They never needed such extra motivation, to enjoy spitting and kicking us while we are down.

His Eye Makeup Is Way Better Than Yours…

Date: November 27, 2017

01) His Eye Makeup Is Way Better Than Yours

“Would you be inclined to buy makeup because a 10-year-old boy is showing you how to create a look on Instagram? If we’re talking about Jack Bennett of @makeuupbyjack, then the answer could well be a resounding yes.

Since convincing his mother to start his account in May, young Mr. Bennett, who lives in Berkshire, England, has amassed 331,000 followers and attracted the attention of brands like MAC and NYX, which have offered products to create looks. Refinery29 has celebrated him as the next big thing in makeup.

He is the latest evidence of a seismic power shift in the beauty industry, which has thrust social media influencers to the top of the pecking order. Refreshingly, they come in all shapes, sizes, ages and, more recently, genders. Hailed by Marie Claire as the “beauty boys of Instagram,” the early male pioneers, like Patrick Simondac (@PatrickStarrr), Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar) and Manny Gutierrez, (@MannyMua733), have transcended niche to become juggernauts with millions of followers. And their aesthetic is decidedly new: neither old-school-rocker makeup nor drag queen.”

Mmmm…make up on boys…

…I don’t know.

I don’t specifically like it…but I don’t really hate it, either.

The Other, Lesser Known Ways Ajit Pai is Destroying the Internet…

Date: November 26, 2017

01) The Other, Lesser Known Ways Ajit Pai is Destroying the Internet

“It’s no secret that the current FCC Chairman hates net neutrality and is set to unravel Obama-era regulations on December 14th, but that’s not the only way he’s ruining the internet. He’s also opening the door to less reliable, more expensive internet that’s accessible to fewer people. In this segment we’ll discuss the other ways Ajit Pai is destroying the internet.”

The Ultimate Sega Dreamcast Documentary – Retro Gaming Commonwealth…


Date: November 25, 2017

01) The Ultimate Sega Dreamcast Documentary – Retro Gaming Commonwealth

The Dreamcast is a great system…

…But they highlight something here, which I think explains why Sega was never really at the forefront for me…

…Sega was primarily about arcade ports, and arcade-ish games…

However much I loved spending time in an arcade as a kid…I totally sucked at playing the games…

I never tended to get into them…because my personal make up left me bad at them…Well…If I’d had an endless supply of quarters, I might have gotten a lot better…but…

We had Chuck E. Cheese’s, which I remember going to a healthy handful of times…But we wasn’t really encouraged to play video games, nor much enabled to do so…Our parents wouldn’t even buy us one of those “Pong” type systems, that played nothing other than “hit the ball back and forth” games.

Consequently…I’ve always tended towards slower strategy games, and longer story games…stuff that engages the mind, rather than just the reflexes…RPGs and strategy games…simulators…

The Dreamcast [and so much of what Sega put out over the years] was honestly tailored to arcade gamers…With a little bit of content thrown in, to woo RPG players…They did have Phantasy Star, and Shining in the Darkness, after all…

I didn’t even buy a Dreamcast, until several years after it was gone from store shelves…I bought one online…and primarily because I needed it to play Fire Pro Wrestling D, which was exclusive to the Dreamcast…It both looked and played phenomenal on the Dreamcast…In the subsequent years, I’ve been able to explore what RPGs are available for the system…like Skies of Acadia…I picked up one or two others…

…But the reason Sega systems have always been a bit alien to me…is because I’m not part of it’s primary target audience.

Even when Sega was the leader in the U.S…I still leaned a bit more towards Nintendo…I think even the SNES had a stronger RPG/Strategy library, than the Genesis ever had.

It’s too bad…because I basically enjoyed Sega systems and games…but I could get bored of them, after so long.