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Only Someone With an IQ of 130+ Can Ace This Knowledge Test! Can You?…


Date: December 07, 2017

01) Only Someone With an IQ of 130+ Can Ace This Knowledge Test! Can You?

“This is serious. If you pass this quiz, you’re an incredibly smart person. If you fail… well, we promise that we’ll still like you. Proceed, brainiac!”

I have little faith, that I’m going to do extremely well…

…No matter how this turns out…Do Not call me a dummy!

27 out of 35!

…Okay…so this survey froze up on me twice…It was being a total pain in the behind…and I had to complete it in a different web browser…

I had to start over, twice…after getting deep underway…[really, really deep]…

This is not cheating!…because I entered into this, in good faith, with the best of possible intentions…

…Just because I was getting inhumanely trounced, the first attempt, and came to remember nearly all of the correct answers in subsequent attempts…

…Well…it wasn’t my fault…

…It was fate!

Thankfully…we shall never know, how horrible my first attempt would have turned out.

To be fair…Most of these bits of information, aren’t stuff most people even would know.

…And I did not cheat, so…

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Mellisa Zaccaria Reports NAMBLA…To The FBI?…


Date: December 07, 2017

01) Mellisa Zaccaria – Twitter

“Report to the abuse@[hostingsite] here’s an example:”


NAMBLA does not need to be reported to the FBI…

…The FBI became aware of NAMBLA, and began hounding it’s members shortly after the group was founded…back in the 1970’s…

…NAMBLA has been infiltrated by the FBI, more than once…and despite their best efforts, the FBI could not shut the organization down, because it was, and still is, an entirely legal entity.

The FBI has known about the NAMBLA website, likely ever since it went live…a few decades ago?…or more?…

The NAMBLA website provides social commentary, on issues of interest to many BoyLovers and youth…people interested in human sexual rights…and so forth.

This is neither illegal, nor immoral.

…And here comes Ms. Zaccaria…acting as though she is making some kind of revelation in all of this…And it looks an awful lot to me, like she’s making a veiled threat [or attempts to intimidate, at any rate] against the current host of the NAMBLA website…

…As if that host has not thoroughly vetted NAMBLA as a client, and long ago set down some stern rules to follow…

Historically…the NAMBLA website has always been extremely mild…overwhelmingly text based…I’ve even seen some BoyLovers call the website dry and boring…

I kind of prefer the way Joe Power described NAMBLA, in an episode of Pedologues…


…”NAMBLA presently exists, to document a sort of ethos”…

…In large part…I’ve always kind of looked at what I do [when I write or record something], as being the same endeavor.

This is precisely why Mellisa [and a whole slew of others, before her] cannot stop me…

…My expression exists in the philosophical, ethical and artistic realms…It’s something that is not bound down too the trappings of movements for legal change…I am all about uplifting the human being, and defending positive human rights…

You have to be one totally ugly, nasty excuse for a human being…to even insinuate that such endeavors are “a crime”, on the grounds that they are engaged in by “someone like me”.

Your wicked, evil magic does not work here, Mellisa…

…No matter how many people you run off screaming too…you cannot subjectively strip other humans of their speech and expression…Most even half way sane people understand this.

This is why you had already lost, before you even started.

Just because I am sexually attracted to boys below the age of thirteen, does not mean that every public and private thing I will ever do in my entire life is a crime.

The same stands for any MAP…

…Please get this point of fact through your excessively thick skull.

“Pedos should be strictly monitored & medicated.”

“I don’t block Pedophiles, I run them off the internet and expose their demented self righteousness.”

“I wonder how many others think I’m a manipulative psychopath, any takers? PEDOPHILIA WILL NOT BE NORMALIZED, KAMIL I WILL FOREVER PASSIONATELY OPPRESS DERANGED CHILD RAPISTS.”

You, Mellisa, clearly display:

A) A stubborn refusal to understand others.
B) A total lack of human empathy.
C) A nasty superiority complex.
D) A cruel obsession with hurting others.
E) A sense of grossly inflated, egotistical self worth.
F) A power tripping self delusion.
G) An obsession with smearing and libeling people.
H) A tendency to use dehumanizing propaganda against people.
I) A demanding attitude, that lawful, moral people be seized, held against their will and forced drugs.
J) A paranoid obsession with child rape, and so called “pedophilia normalization”.
K) Acts of public bullying, and attempts at intimidation.
L) Liberal usage of lies and red herrings.
M) A willingness to attack and dehumanize people, both individuals and groups.
N) A delusion of “divine commission from god”.
O) A tendency to stalk and harass people.
P) A willingness to scheme and interfere, with the private lives and business of others.
Q) A malicious tendency, to undermine the speech and self representation of others.
R) A propensity for propagating material, suggesting “justified” murder and possibly genocide.

…And you think anyone in their right mind, would dispute that you are, indeed, a manipulative psychopath?!…


…Between the two of us…the only one who needs specialized, professional help [and probably psychotropic drugs], is you.

You, Mellisa, are the actual living definition of a manipulative psychopath [or sociopath].

You have a fat mouth, that runs, and runs, and runs, and runs, and runs…when you are exactly the sort of person, who should remain quiet, and take instruction from those of us who actually do know not just more, but better than you.

…You are nothing but a cocky, ignorant, creepy, full of yourself, train wreck, begging for a place to cause maximum damage…for no sane reason, whatsoever.

It’s both sad and pathetic…

…You cant even help yourself…not even when those of us you ruthlessly attack, give you nuggets of wisdom, and attempt to save you from yourself.

…You are a petty, spiteful, vile fool, amongst fools.

…And, you are a brazen fraud…just like so much of the rest of the company you keep.

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Bernie Najarian: Ping Pong Pizza Porn: Did Comet Host Illegal Images?…

Date: December 07, 2017

01) Ping Pong Pizza Porn: Did Comet Host Illegal Images?

“In the year following the election that raised Donald Trump to the highest office in the land, and then to the lowest poll ratings ever for the office, most people have forgotten about some of the more colorful features of the election. One exotic flash-in-the-pan that left little impression on the popular consciousness was a conspiracy idea that connected a hipster pizza restaurant in Washington, DC, with the notion that opposition candidate Hillary Clinton and her co-campaigners, who sometimes had fundraisers at the restaurant, were key figures in a massive ‘pedophile ring.’ This cabal was supposed to be shipping babies and other children to be sexually abused and, in some stories, cannibalized by many of the powerful figures of the Western world – especially Clinton supporters.

I’ve written two detailed articles on this “Pizzagate” or “Pedogate” conspiracy theory (https://justpaste.it/18t8f, https://justpaste.it/19845) looking into all its major themes and showing the underlying realities that they were most probably based on.

Pizzagaters believed in three main threads of pseudo-evidence against Clinton and her campaign manager John Podesta…”

This is quite worth reading…

I have listened to the BigFish interview, in it’s entirety…about a month back…

…I was left completely underwhelmed by the interview…and the claims made in it…It did not come off credible, to my intuition.

You also have to keep in mind, that these types of social panic are notorious for spawning tall tales, from thrill seeking opportunists who want their “fifteen minutes of fame”.

The “BigFish bombshell”, was nothing more than an unidentified guy [who’s speech was rather irritating, and taxing to listen too], stringing us through a narrative of little more than his own assertions…but zero evidence that he found child porn…And, of course…there were weak spots in the plot, not addressed…And we are all left having to depend on the words, of some faceless, nameless guy who’s credentials aren’t even established, who is hailed and celebrated like a hero by the “pizzagate” lunatics…who, themselves, have deep and vast integrity deficits.

It’s always telling, just how little the “pizzagate” people are interested in vetting their sources, before they go spreading content like this around on their networks, far and wide.

There was never any good reason to give this guy the presumption of credibility.

The facts are starting to point in a direction, indicating that “BigFish” was little more than a stunt, to drag a bit more mileage out of the dead corpse of “pizzagate”.

What struck me about BigFish the most…is that not only did he not explain anything technical, or use lingo I would anticipate from someone with a hackers knowledge and experience…He left me with the impression, that he probably could not explain anything about computer hacking, to save his life.

Totally weird interview.

…It just didn’t feel right.