New Legislation Threatens Politicians Ignoring Immigration Laws with Jail Time…

Date: December 08, 2017

01) New Legislation Threatens Politicians Ignoring Immigration Laws with Jail Time

“A new piece of legislation is targeting sanctuary cities and the lawmakers supporting those cities. The measure would put those politicians behind bars for not enforcing immigration laws. One America’s Emerald Robinson has more from Washington.”

The more I witness of this type of thing…the more I wonder, how long before what’s left of the foundation crumbles in totality.

I tend to wonder, just how many states and localities are going to stand for their elected officials being incarcerated by the U.S. federal government…

Push…push, push, push…slap in the face…push, push, push…kick in the crotch…push, push, push…spit in the face…push, push, push…berated and dehumanized…push, push, push…sent to the shackles…push, push, push…stay on your knees!…push, push, push…kick em while their down…push, push, push…make lots of public examples…push, push, push…

…The U.S. population takes second place to no other nation, where it comes to Stockholm syndrome, after all.

If the people with “the right” titles, “the right” appearances and “the right” slogans want to do it to you…well…

…Bend over…because it is going to get done to you, while the rest of “the godly and free” look on, doing nothing…

…Hell…they’ll probably be cheering it on…It’s not happening to themselves, after all.

…And the public coliseum is full of so many amusements.

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