My Chat with Paediatric Endocrinologist Robert Lustig (THE SAAD TRUTH_556)…

Date: December 09, 2017

01) My Chat with Paediatric Endocrinologist Robert Lustig (THE SAAD TRUTH_556)

“Dr. Lustig is a New York Times bestselling author and a leading expert on childhood obesity. We covered a broad range of topics at the intersection of medicine, neurochemistry, nutrition, marketing, psychology, evolutionary theory, and propaganda.

Rob’s Twitter account: @RobertLustigMD

Rob’s UCSF page:

5 thoughts on “My Chat with Paediatric Endocrinologist Robert Lustig (THE SAAD TRUTH_556)…

  1. feinmann0

    Now that was an excellent discussion.

    The food industry is quite prepared to poison society to boost its profits in precisely the same way as the pharmaceutical industry is quite prepared to poison society to boost its profits. Where on earth are the health regulators in all of this?

    Here in Thailand, we have innumerable small Tesco and Seven-Eleven outlets down pretty much every street. As soon as you walk in to one of these shops, there is ZERO healthy food, just sugar-filled food and drink products lining every single shelf. Result? Once-upon-a-time willowy Asian kids are succumbing to obesity on a massive scale.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      It’s a shame…

      We have these stores…but, anymore…you actually find the “quick” salads, subs and sandwiches, that are a bit more wholesome.

      I think it’s a trend, being force by public awareness…as to what really exists in those stores…

      …Mind you…it’s a very tiny portion of the store.

    2. eqfoundation Post author

      I just want to throw this out there, because I didn’t mention it before…yet, it was going through my mind while listening to this discussion.

      Though I think the zealous enthusiasm some have shown while propagating the belief, renders the issue a bit [if not highly] suspect…I was recalling the “dopamine overexposure” argument, which some people attribute to early life sex “during formative years”…

      Now…there are deep problems with this belief…including the fact that child, adolescent, teen and young adult males are well known for their massive amounts of masturbation [and some sexual exploration with others], and this practice is considered both normal and healthy by the medical and health field…[it’s just “magically” a terrible detriment, when a partner of significant age difference is involved].

      However…It does seem that over stimulation of nerves in the body, do make physical alterations in the body.

      I’m curious if anybody else has any thoughts on this.

      It is a hard issue to answer…It’s hard to talk about, really…because it’s harder to understand, to some degree…

      Let’s face it…it’s an extremely annoying type of argument…with an inconvenient implication.

      But is there some grain of truth in it, when they used to say that masturbation leads to madness?

      Is there a real world implication, that reflects badly upon us and our nature?

      …Not our fault, of course…but, crappy evolutionary circumstance?

      I’m party playing the devil’s advocate…but, this specific issue has laid a bit more heavy on my mind over the last year…or so.

      1. feinmann0

        You invited a view, so here is my tuppence worth.

        “However…It does seem that over stimulation of nerves in the body, do make physical alterations in the body.” To which I would say: everything in moderation!

        In a perfect world, I would have a young boyfriend, say 10 or 11, and I would be his mentor, imparting pearls of wisdom on topics such as how this world ticks and how his body works. On the topic of sexual health I would tell him that being horny is perfectly natural and that no-one of any age should feel guilty or be made to feel guilty about enjoying being horny. I would tell him that when a boy approaches puberty, his thoughts increasingly turn to sex and the urge to masturbate becomes frequent, and that there is nothing wrong with this. I would tell him that practice makes perfect and show him this clip: I would also tell him that his buddies at school would be experiencing more or less precisely the same feelings, that they too would likely be feeling guilty about it, and that he should spread the word that there is NO harm in wanking and that sex is fun. I would tell him that people like John Harvey Kellogg are the enemy of all children.

        In a perfect world, I would be responsible for making sex education fun for countless thousands of young students 😀

        The biggest threat to a carefree healthy childhood is the denial of honest, factual sex and relationship education information. Hell, I know one now mature lady who right up until the time she was married believed that the penis had a bone in it! If only she had focused on the structure of a skeleton …

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        Thank you! 🙂

        You have a good outlook on this, I think.

        I’ve heard about the “penis bone” misperception, yes.

        I’ve also heard plenty of adults [including mothers!], make the claim that boys don’t get erections, prior to puberty…

        With this degree of ignorance, it’s no wonder we live in a world of sex Nazis.

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