The Sociopath’s Burden…


Date: December 11, 2017

01) NWR White Rabbit+++ Elsagate 008 Twitter Pedophiles

“A group of open pedophiles are operating on social media and twitter, and have finally come to roost. They’re advocating many various formats to normalize this dangerous disorder.”

This degree of gall is quite epic…though hardly unseen previously…

…Most people just don’t make such a weepy video, trying to peddle themselves off as an “unjustified victim” of a website suspension, right after they’ve used said website to make [or imply] mass death threats [via hanging] against MAPs.

Potentially, it was a threat of genocide.

…And “Network Radio” [a friend of Mellisa, who’s all huffy and outraged about this, herself] cannot figure out why Twitter’s gotta be that way towards him, when “obviously”, it should have been the targeted victims of this sociopath, who “deserved” the fate he most clearly earned for himself.

…Hell…He should have been banned from Twitter permanently, for this behavior. Twitter needs to finally start cracking down on the terrorists who use it’s platform…And yet, they allow this “Network Radio” guy to continue using the service, after making such sickening threats and comments.

People wonder why so many get sick and tired of Twitters inaction and ineffective policies…These sorts flagrantly violate not just the Twitter TOS, but the very basis of human decency…And Twitter just cant seem to keep these people under control.

Death threats, and threats of violence, should never be tolerated on Twitter.

…And we have these people, who blame everybody but themselves…for their own, personally chosen actions against others.

This guy even goes so far, as to have sad, slow, emotion tugging music playing in the background…

…Can you believe the incredible gall of this guy?

Yeah…He hadn’t seen any of this before, didn’t know any of the people…But, that doesn’t stop him from promptly “laying down the law”, employing red herrings, and parading his violent ignorance all over the place…towards people, who weren’t even doing what he claims they were doing, no less…

…Some days, you’ve got to sort of feel sorry for the Verpeds…and all the insanity that gets dumped on them, by the endless hordes of mindless mouths.

“Network Radio

@rohnson_john @pureACandDW @theneverlandian @TheHoneybee_ We will hang them if the time ever comes. We are the human race. And
we’ve gotten this far, surely it’s a numbers game, but we as a collective mitigate these threats. This is where the buck stops: All pedophiles will hang.”

Oh, that poor, little lamb!…Why, oh why, is Twitter and the world “picking on him”?!!

…This is just such a hard one, for some people to figure out.

Meanwhile…decent humanity shouldn’t have much trouble with this “puzzle”.

“(Network Radio ©networkradious

Whatever stupid labels these sick folks wish to give themselves, they are still sick and they need to realize they’re a danger to society. They should stand out like a sore thumb. And they should not be allowed to disguise themselves with kid handles. Should be Pedo-Joe/Pedo-Jane”

This is dehumanization…It’s hate speech, by true definition…

And he want’s MAPs labeled and marked, also?…What?…Like the pink star?…

…And to think…mass hanging, is what this guy thinks is ethical, for those he claims to be “sick”?…

…Gee…I think he wont be getting any noble piece prizes.

I ask you sincerely, who deserves these words of vulgar abuse and hate, merely for daring to live, love and be loved?…


5 thoughts on “The Sociopath’s Burden…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    In case it’s not clear…”The Sociopath’s Burden” [the title of this post], is in reference to the fact, that some of these violent, murderous sociopaths, eventually get a deserved consequence, for their noxious behavior.

    …Those poor, poor dears.

    1. feinmann0

      Nobel Peace prize or did you just do something there I do not see?

      “… pink star …”, and let us not forget the Nazi Reinhard Heydrich decree that all Jews in the Reich six years of age or older were to wear a Jewish Badge which consisted of a yellow Star of David on a black field to be worn on the chest, with the word “Jew” inscribed inside the star in German or in the local language:

      Twitter in their inaction are acquiescing to and thus condoning and facilitating persecutory behaviour directed at a sexual minority group comprising hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. They are in effect the mouthpiece for anti-paedophile hate speech, designed to segregate paedophiles from the rest of the population and reinforce an inferior status upon them.

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        I knew there was something wrong with that…My spell checker didn’t like it…It was past four in the morning, when I put all the elements of this post together…So…

        It’s ultimately my fault, for not waiting and going over it again later…but, yes…Nobel is correct…even if noble conceptually fits, also.

        “Star of David”

        That’s what I was going for, yes…In an afterthought, I was wondering if I’d gotten it wrong, and maybe it was a pink triangle, and not a star.

        “Twitter in their inaction…”

        This is precisely why I have always argued, that we have the most valid right out of any group, to freely and openly use any platform, that allows others to dehumanize us as a demographic.

        They have no right to host content which dehumanizes and sullies our character, while refusing us a place on their platform to answer and refute such dehumanization.

        If Twitter is going to propagate it…They owe it to us, to be able to directly confront it.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      She is one fine example, yes…and there are many others.

      Does anyone know if there’s been more developments on Cynthia?…It’s been so long, and “evil-unveiled” has more less fallen into irrelevance.

      Within the last year and a half, I did write a chronicle style response, regarding “evil-unveiled”…but, I’ve not brought that project live…Some may ask “why bother?” at this point…

      …The spirit and blood lust behind what those people did, continues to live on…

      …It’s kind of a defacto response, to anyone even thinking of repeating that crusade.

      As to Cynthia…I’ve been curious if she died, or something happened to her…I hear she wasn’t in the best of health, even while she was stalking and terrorizing people.


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