Hot for Teacher…

Date: December 13, 2017

01) Hot for Teacher

“Recently, I took on a one-day occasional teaching job. At the end of one of my classes, a student waited until the room was empty, and approached me, asking for my number. Confused, I was sure I must have misunderstood what he’d said. I said, “What?” I may have smiled in shock, I can’t know for sure. He repeated, under his breath, within a foot from me, his request for my phone number. This child, the same age as my son, was hitting on me, in my workplace. My guard was down: when I’m teaching, it’s (until that point) been one of the few environments in which I don’t steel myself against the threat of sexual harassment. While I maintain firm boundaries with my students, I do make myself somewhat emotionally vulnerable in my classroom as part of build relationships with my students. I was not ready for this. I said no, giggling a bit nervously, and wished him a good rest of his day, feeling the panic building in my throat.”

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