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Acknowledging My Vidme Account…


Date: Dec 14, 2017

Vidme is closing down.

It was located at https://vid.me/EQ_Foundation

Interestingly…I opened it up one year ago, today [Dec 14, 2016].

I never successfully uploaded a video to this account, though I tried…I didn’t pay any attention to the directions, and figured the video length was probably too long.

Not sure why I never uploaded any of my tiny “test” videos…Figured I’d come back to this account later, and get into it deeper…It was really just supposed to be a backup place for me…About a week later, my father died, and…well…so much got put on the back burner.

Vidme never became embeddable, to my knowledge…It’s still a young service, honestly…and many [myself included] had hoped, that Vidme would become a serious alternative to YouTube…which sorely needs competition…and a place for it’s growing refugees.

I guess…it’s gone the way of my BlipTV account.

My channel header:


Social Change: A Chance for a better Future…


Date: December 14, 2017

01) Social Change: A Chance for a better Future

“If you’re a MAP and need help:

Electro shock “therapy” against MAPs:

“The grammar of social change”:

Ratatouille through a queer lense:

“Give Them Hope – Harvey Milk”:

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Creators of the Internet Tell Congress Ajit Pai and FCC “Should Be Stopped”…

Date: December 14, 2017

01) Creators of the Internet Tell Congress Ajit Pai and FCC “Should Be Stopped”

“A total of twenty internet pioneers—individuals that created the World Wide Web, hypertext, and the internet itself—called on Congress to stop the FCC from repealing Title II net neutrality protections, citing how the FCC has botched the process, ignored Americans, and not complied with Freedom of Information Act requests over fraudulent comments submitted using peoples’ identities. Additionally, they issue a bleak warning about how the death of net neutrality is harmful.

Read the Full Letter Here: https://pioneersfornetneutrality.tumblr.com/

Ajit Pai Reluctantly Admits Repeal of Net Neutrality Poses “Risk” for Consumers: