Acknowledging My Vidme Account…


Date: Dec 14, 2017

Vidme is closing down.

It was located at

Interestingly…I opened it up one year ago, today [Dec 14, 2016].

I never successfully uploaded a video to this account, though I tried…I didn’t pay any attention to the directions, and figured the video length was probably too long.

Not sure why I never uploaded any of my tiny “test” videos…Figured I’d come back to this account later, and get into it deeper…It was really just supposed to be a backup place for me…About a week later, my father died, and…well…so much got put on the back burner.

Vidme never became embeddable, to my knowledge…It’s still a young service, honestly…and many [myself included] had hoped, that Vidme would become a serious alternative to YouTube…which sorely needs competition…and a place for it’s growing refugees.

I guess…it’s gone the way of my BlipTV account.

My channel header:


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