“Pedo (Barely) Loses Election To Non-Pedo”…

Date: December 15, 2017

01) Pedo (Barely) Loses Election To Non-Pedo

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If Roy Moore were in fact a pedo, literally [aka a child] or colloquially [aka a child lover], it would possibly be his only redeeming value.

Once again…I see nothing to justify belief that Roy is a pedophile. At most, he is a badly behaving ephebophile, if we are to believe the accusations against him. Potentially, he’s a situational harasser/assaulter.

If he likes young but sexually mature bodies…then he is not a pedophile.

Some people may think I’m splitting hairs just to be annoying…but let me tell you something…

…As a pedophile, I don’t consider myself better than hebephiles or ephebophiles [each type of MAP is equally good]…but clarity in distinction and discussion about or sub-groups of MAPs, is important for acknowledging our unique circumstances and needs…It’s also a matter of simple respect, to be addressed and talked about accurately.

…People who refuse to see our diverse and unique circumstances are saying to us…”I don’t care about you, as a human being”.

That is an ugly and despicable place, for anyone to come from.

We are all born into this world, unwillingly and with a set of dispositions…which includes our sexuality…

…The least anyone could do…is to stop prejudging people, based on what gets them sexually aroused.

…Natural sexual arousal, is not a matter of moral or ethical failure…It’s something that just is how it is.

The true measure of character…is what someone with any of these orientations does with them.

Roy Moore, allegedly, liked to isolate teenage girls and have his way with them…despite that they didn’t want anything like that with him…

If true…then that is the damnation of Roy, from a sexual perspective.

As to the things he campaigned for…Roy was just terrible…I’m glad he lost.

Roy Moore’s Friend On Going To A Child Brothel With Him (Seriously):

Good grief, Kyle…

…You’re really riding the anti-pedophile propaganda hard…

…How cheap and unsophisticated of you.

2 thoughts on ““Pedo (Barely) Loses Election To Non-Pedo”…

  1. A Normal heterosexual male

    Normal, Roy Moore is paedo, because date 14 years old girls is peaedophilliea, is not ok in normal heterosexual men, normal men like 50yo sexy and empowered mature feminist womyn.


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