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Former CEO of NPR: Leaving the Liberal Bubble (Pt.1 & 2)…

Date: December 22, 2017

01) Former CEO of NPR: Leaving the Liberal Bubble (Pt.1)

“Ken Stern (Former CEO of NPR) joins Dave to discuss his new book “Republican Like Me: How I Left the Liberal Bubble and Learned to Love the Right,” defining what liberal means to him, intolerance of viewpoints and lack of diversity of thought on the left, his journey from left to right, his evolution on the gun control debate, and more.”

Former CEO of NPR: Leaving the Liberal Bubble (Pt.2):

Fears of a lonely death if euthanasia isn’t legalised…


Date: December 22, 2017

01) Fears of a lonely death if euthanasia isn’t legalised

“Bobbie Carroll isn’t scared of death itself. She is more frightened of how she’s going to die.

The 64-year-old has been close to it before when she spent five days on life support after contracting an infection from a stem cell transplant.

“This is probably close to what my death without euthanasia will look like. It is horrific. I never want to go there, I came out traumatised,” she says.

“You’re only allowed two visitors a time. I couldn’t talk, I had tubes. I’m not going to go there, either legally or illegally. There’s no dignity, absolutely no dignity. It’s horrific.”


She says if it doesn’t happen, people will arrange it illegally.

“The problem there is you must die alone because anyone with you can and will be implicated. And [face] possible criminal charges. So you have to die alone. It’s not okay. I don’t want to die alone.”


Google’s self-learning AI AlphaZero masters chess in 4 hours…


Date: December 22, 2017

01) Google’s self-learning AI AlphaZero masters chess in 4 hours

“Google’s AI AlphaZero has shocked the chess world. Leaning on its deep neural networks, and general reinforcement learning algorithm, DeepMind’s AI Alpha Zero learned to play chess well beyond the skill level of master, besting the 2016 top chess engine Stockfish 8 in a 100-game match. Alpha Zero had 28 wins, 72 draws, and 0 losses. Impressive right? And it took just 4 hours of self-play to reach such a proficiency. What the chess world has witnessed from this historic event is, simply put, mind-blowing! AlphaZero vs Magnus Carlsen anyone? 🙂

19-page paper via Cornell University Library


Waking Up with Sam Harris #108 – Defending the Experts (with Tom Nichols)…

Date: December 22, 2017

01) Waking Up with Sam Harris #108 – Defending the Experts (with Tom Nichols)

“In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Tom Nichols about his book The Death of Expertise. They discuss the “Dunning-Kruger Effect,” the growth of knowledge and reliance on authority, when experts fail, the repudiation of expertise in politics, conspiracy thinking, North Korea, Trump, and other topics.

Tom Nichols is Professor of National Security Affairs at the US Naval War College, an adjunct professor at the Harvard Extension School, and a former aide in the U.S. Senate. He is also a five-time undefeated Jeopardy! champion, and as one of the all-time top players of the game, he was invited back to play in the 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions. Nichols is the author of several works on foreign policy and international security affairs, including The Sacred Cause, No Use: Nuclear Weapons and U.S. National Security, Eve of Destruction: The Coming Age of Preventive War, and The Russian Presidency. His most recent book is The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters.

Twitter: @RadioFreeTom “

If You Ever See This At The Beach, Stay Far Away!…


Date: December 22, 2017

01) If You Ever See This At The Beach, Stay Far Away!

“The beach really is one of the most beautiful things on Earth! However, within its shores hides an incredibly diverse array of creatures. Keep watching, to find out 10 facts to help you spot potential beach hazards, that could one day save your life.”


Mellisa Zaccaria’s ‘Child Pornin Ways’: Oops!…She Did It Again!…


Date: December 22, 2017

01) Her Twitter tweet

02) CP on Twitter – How to Report

“Don’t you love when you get banned from Twitter for fighting Pedophiles and taking down Child Porn, yet images and videos like this remain up with 124,000 views on Periscope for 8 days?”

One of Mellisa’s friends found an account on Twitter, where videos are posted of an adult couple having sex…while an infant is in the room with them [the infant is not involved in the sex].

What does Mellisa do, upon learning of this account?…

She goes to the channel, and watches the media in question…takes a screen capture…and makes her own YouTube video about the channel…complete with actually blurting out the name of the channel, where this content is distributed

She declares it “child pornography”…though, it actually is not…Depending on the jurisdiction it is taking place in, there is a potential it may be illegal…or perfectly legal…

…But it is not child pornography, if it is how Mellisa describes it [I didn’t bother to search it down].

…One has to wonder, if Mellisa has any ability of self reflection…self awareness…deep thought?…Or if she just spontaneously pounces on any excuse to get in front of a camera, and start blabbing away about whatever she wants to make up and say, at any given moment.

We all know the wonky standards Mellisa uses, to identify “child porn”…and that they are unbelievably detached from reality…But let’s put that aside, for the sake of the real substance of this post…

Yet again…Mellisa is declaring something “child porn”…presumably, she genuinely believes it is “child porn”…And she lacks the depth of thought…the reach of rationality…and the ability to control her own impulses long enough, to avoid doing something insanely stupid…

…The obviously “mother freaking duh!”, which any sane person could see [yet none of her commenting “friends” seem to notice]…is that Mellisa is broadcasting and distributing the direct name, of an account she claims is publishing “child porn”…

…And the devastating irony in all of this, looks to be entirely lost on this insane, blind fool…

The account in question, was still live at the point of this writing…I don’t advise visiting it…

…But this nitwit should know better…

…Not only have I already called her out on this sort of thing…This is such a basic, fundamental thing…and Twitter, itself [the service Mellisa is railing against, and blaming], instructs you not to do this…not to publicly spread around the information, on where to find “child porn” on their platform.

…And people wonder why this insane, incompetent, loose cannon has been blocked by no less than two “abuse prevention” agencies/groups…and how it is she has burned bridges with various other online services?!…

She finds stuff…distorts the situation…becomes impossible to deal with for the people she contacts…she then turns on those people, starts creating smear videos about them, and reporting them to the FBI/police…

…Oh, however could anybody not solely love Mellisa?…

How long do you think it’s going to take, before she gets herself into a fix, that she cannot easily get out of?

…Like I’ve been saying…It’s only a matter of time…

…She’s dodged a few bullets, over the past six months…

…This kind of luck, under these types of circumstances [IE: belligerent insanity], only lasts so long.

She even retweeted a direct link to the account in question!

As a “bonus”:

03) Mellisa on “On the Objective?”

Enjoy as Mellisa confesses how she believes that demons are being summoned…and “space aliens are demons”…

I implore Mellisa to separate herself from the people she is currently affiliating with [they are not looking out for her better interests…and clearly seem to be encouraging on her self destruction], and seek professional help for her psychological problems.