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Ajit Pai Admits ISPs Throttled Content After Insisting It Never Happened…

Date: December 27, 2017

01) Ajit Pai Admits ISPs Throttled Content After Insisting It Never Happened

“Every now and then, Ajit Pai inadvertently tells the truth. Typically, he’ll do this by accidently contradicting a previous argument he’s made in order to validate a different lie he’s telling. He recently did this again by admitting AT&T once throttling content. Perhaps, if he got his story straight, he wouldn’t keep contradicting himself.”

Make a Free, 2018 Printable PDF Calendar…

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Date: December 27, 2017

01) print-a-calendar.com

“Here you can create your own downloadable 2016, 2017, and 2018 printable PDF calendars.

You have several options to choose from when creating your customized printed calendar.”

It’s very basic…not a lot of frills…but, it’s free!

The only real cost here, is whatever resources get used to print it.

Personally, I have a laser printer…every page printed, works out to roughly a dollar in printing resources…It may be worthwhile for me to just go buy a new calendar, at a local dollar store…

It’s still kind of neat, that this type of thing is available, online.

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Banned Mormon Cartoon…

Date: December 27, 2017

01) Banned Mormon Cartoon – EXTENDED VERSION

The EXTENDED “Banned Mormon Cartoon” illustrating Mormon Beliefs. This cartoon is an excerpt from our film “The Secret World of Mormonism”



…Am I understanding the claim correctly?…

…Jesus sexually banged his own mom, making babies with her?!!

So much can be said, in relations to this movie clip.

A Teen Sexting Case Revealed How Judges Let Police Invade Children’s Privacy…


Date: December 27, 2017

01) A Teen Sexting Case Revealed How Judges Let Police Invade Children’s Privacy

“Whether the police have the right to force your teenage son to masturbate in front of them in order to incriminate himself is a legal question few parents would think they’d have to consider.

And yet Trey Sims’ legal guardians had to do exactly that. In an effort to prosecute the 17-year-old for sexting his 15-year-old girlfriend, Manassas police detective David Abbott obtained a search warrant authorizing him to take “photographs of [Sims’] genitals,” including “a photograph of the suspect’s erect penis.” According to court documents, in the process of executing the search warrant, Abbott took the teenager to a juvenile detention center, took him to a locker room and, with two uniformed, armed officers looking on, ordered Sims to pull down his pants.

After taking pictures with his cell phone of the teenager’s genitals, Abbot then ordered the minor to masturbate so that he could take a picture of his erection. Sims tried but failed to comply with the officer’s orders; Abbott later threatened Sims’ lawyer that, if police couldn’t get a picture of the teenager’s erection by forcing the kid to masturbate, he would obtain a photo of the teenager’s engorged genitals by subjecting him to “an erection-producing injection” at a hospital.


It wasn’t until this month — more than three years after Sims was taken to that locker room — that a federal appeals court issued a decision in his favor: By a divided 2-1 vote, the court held that a reasonable police officer should have known it was unlawful to order a teenage boy to masturbate in front of him and other officers.

Notably, though, that meant that one judge felt that police should, indeed, have the right to do force children to masturbate in front of them in order to incriminate themselves.


Sims’ case shows that we have a system in which the legislative branch is permitted to criminalize whatever it wants, with effectively no judicial oversight; police investigations are invasive, unchecked, and can cause far greater harm than the underlying criminal act; and it is nearly impossible to hold police liable for unlawful misconduct. Until we address those systemic problems, we should expect more tragic cases like this one.”


The MOST RACIST 7 Minutes of Your Life — Courtesy of the Mormon Church…


Date: December 27, 2017

01) The MOST RACIST 7 Minutes of Your Life — Courtesy of the Mormon Church

“DISCLAIMER: The vast majority of Mormons alive today aren’t aware that most of these things were taught. They will tell you that they “already knew these things”, but will only be able to give you the vaguest details. The church tells its members to only read church-approved sources when it comes to Mormonism, and have conveniently scrubbed all the racism out of their current manuals. All of the quotes in my video come from official publications of the Church during its first 150+ years of existence.”

…My goodness!…

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