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Ask An Atheist: Is There “Room at the Inn” for nonreligion?…


Date: January 01, 2018

01) Ask An Atheist: Is There “Room at the Inn” for nonreligion?

“FFRF Staff Attorneys Liz Cavell, Sam Grover and Ryan Jayne will be discussing if Nativity Scenes on government property are constitutional. We will also talk about how to counter Nativity Scenes.”

I’ve never had an issue with the nativity scene. Which makes this a difficult issue.

I don’t want to see it go…Yet, I also agree that other groups commemorating the season, should be just as welcome there.

I see no issue with governments having a time and place, for an open platform to seasonal commemorations…religious, and not…so long as they are not playing favorites.

…which is where the “protest” element of this whole thing, becomes kind of…no longer in my better graces.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has a tendency, to get on a lot of people’s nerves this way.

No doubt…a lot of what they do, is justified…

…But some of it is honestly just trivial.

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Happy New Year 2018!…


Date: January 01, 2018

The warmest of Happy New Years, From the EQ. Foundation!

This is going to be another successful and triumphant year, for Our Love Frontier…I can feel it in my bones.

Goodbye to 2017…

…It was a difficult year, in many ways…but it was still a good year…It was a year, I really needed this blog, more than most…

I don’t know if most people understand, how just much this blog means to me…It is my lifeline, in many ways…It’s my outlet…and my gift to the world…

I appreciate all who come here, in the pursuit of peace, love, knowledge and kindred companionship.

…Let’s all make this year one to never forget!

– Steve Diamond

Auld Lang Syne: