The Prevention Podcast: Interview with a Female Anti-Contact Pedophile named “Emma”…

Date: January 02, 2018

01) Interview with a Female Anti-Contact Pedophile named “Emma”

“Welcome to our first podcast! Our host Candice Christiansen introduces The Prevention Podcast including her reason and passion for prevention. Our first interview is with “Emma” who shares her experience of being an anti-contact female pedophile, including the distinction between anti-contact and non-offending pedophilia, some of the challenges she faces being a female pedophile as well as her commitment to never harm a child.”

I first want to reiterate, that I hold a great deal of respect for MAPs who open themselves up in the way “Emma” has…even when I greatly disagree, with what they have to say.

I’ve not yet listened to the entirety of this podcast episode, at the time of this writing…and I don’t intend on doing a breakdown of this episode.

Don’t take what I’m about to type, as being a direct response to this episode, please.

This new podcast is something going on, out there…So, I figured it would be worthy of sharing…as a matter of openness, and broad acknowledgment.

It’s usually pretty rough, listening to the “anti contact”-centric content…because it regularly carries with it it’s own baggage and subjectivity…while all too often, getting in cheap jabs at us, so called, “pro contact” [whatever that means] MAPs.

As someone with a curious, explorative mind, interested in a non-emotional understanding of clear facts…I always take exception to it, whenever I’m represented as “less than decent”, for seeking clear truth, being honest about my own experiences as a boy…experiencing it as a good thing…and having the integrity and courage to speak plainly about it [and this type of existence], without apology…with a sense of ethical pride and social belonging, even.

To date…I believe when it comes to MAP podcasts…Pedologues, despite whatever criticisms can be levied against it, was the most correct form of media that we need to have out there, being produced…But, since that is not coming back…the least we can do, is acknowledge that some other media has allowed MAPs to openly speak…

…It is something…

So…I have no comment, as of yet…I’ll probably give this podcast a link, on the EQF Community Links page…and that’s about all I have to say.

It’s worth noting…that these [The Prevention Project] are the same people who were being harassed a few weeks back, by the same pink headed zealot that’s been issuing her zealot fatwas against Our Love Frontier…making threats against the existence of this blog.

We are all, largely, on the same level, where it comes to the thought and speech supremacists…And I think it is important, that we stand up and fight for each other, wherever we see any MAP related group or resource being threatened…regardless, of difference in social philosophy.

2 thoughts on “The Prevention Podcast: Interview with a Female Anti-Contact Pedophile named “Emma”…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you.

      I left a reply, in a thread in the comments…not so much directly to the post…Maybe I will, later.

      This is the first account of it’s kind, that I’ve seen.


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