Is Drag OK For Kids??…

Date: January 16, 2018

01) Is Drag OK For Kids??

“first episode of SOS, lemme know what you think!”

There is nothing wrong with kids doing drag, in my opinion.

It’s not something I am into, personally…And aesthetically, I’d rather see boys in typical form…”Gender bender” doesn’t really do anything for me.

…At the same time…I can appreciate kids having fun with this type of thing.

This is not a sexual issue.

…People who see it as such, are only giving us a glimpse into how their own mind is working…They’re probably having the thoughts and feelings [and physical reactions?], they so strongly complain about.

5 thoughts on “Is Drag OK For Kids??…

  1. Yure

    If anything, it’s an experience. The worst that can happen is the kid growing up and regretting. It’s not really something super bad. They may even stick with it. And that’s a good trend, if you want to monetize your style. I’m pretty pragmatic. I don’t think it would cause profound or lifelong regret, so let they experiment.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I agree…

      The closest thing I’ve ever seen to this…is the occasional neighborhood boy who dresses up like a girl, for Halloween…

      They’re nowhere near as exotic looking…but…eh…

      …A cute boy, is a cute boy, is a cute boy…

  2. americanrifleman09

    Ugh I can’t stand Laci. Mainly because I can’t stand people who claim to be “sex positive” but are anything but (you can’t be sex positive when you falsely believe sexual acts are bad for huge swaths of people…… just because muh morals).

    Anyway the whole focus seems to be “yeah drag is okay because we swear it isn’t sexual and it shouldn’t be!!!!” Hell one of the top comments says drag is okay but “anything related to children and something sexual? Bad.” Like seriously? That means children are innately bad because all children are sexual by nature.

    What I think? As long as no one is forcing the child then it is fine. Though I prefer my little girls to not look like little boys, if they want to then who am I to force them not to?

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Sometimes I feature the media of people, I’m also not a huge fan of…

      I think it’s healthy to mix things up a bit, like that…and not harbor an echo chamber.

      I don’t hate Laci…but, sure…she has a history of saying some pretty crazy things…

      …I think this was a level headed video…and, I like the subject matter…which I’ve been keeping a loose eye on, ever since that boy started attracting attention.

      “…That means children are innately bad because all children are sexual by nature.”

      Agreed. I don’t see how anyone can separate the human from human sexuality…It just does not work…and it’s dishonest.

      “Though I prefer my little girls to not look like little boys…”

      I understand…and am kind of the flip side of that coin…though tomboys can be pretty cute.


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