The EQ Foundation Website In It’s Prime [2008]…


Date: January 17, 2018

01) EQ Foundation []

If you wish to get an idea of what the EQF website was like, you can click the link above.

There are a number of resources there, including the only static web page version of “In Self Defense”…Most of the early writings are included there…though, a good many were not.

The earliest versions of EQF Community Links are also there.

The actual EQF website redirects you here…

…and that website will be going offline, once the funds run out…

…Which is really kind of sad…as it began in 2007…and eleven years later, I’m letting it go into the sunset…

This website was really the second coming of “In Self Defense”…with a bit of “Steve-D’s Midnight Zone” mixed in…

What remains at the original website is just a shadow of it’s former self…So…

…I guess…

The good news, is the the EQ Foundation home page lives on here!


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