The Walking Dead: Carl’s Going to Die…

Date: January 19, 2018

01) Andrew Lincoln Says “All Bets Are Off” After Carl’s Death

“The Walking Dead has always been notorious for killing off major characters. Although the deaths of Glenn, Hershel, and Abraham were shocking, fans have always assumed the main main cast like Rick, Michonne, and Carl were safe. But when it was revealed that Carl would die in the show (more specifically during The Mid-Season Premiere on February 25th), everyone’s plot armor seemed to vanish.”

I’m not sure what everyone is so shocked over, as Chandler did get accepted into a university last year…The writing was on the wall, that he would be getting written out of the show, so long as the show was to continue…

I guess, it makes most sense to kill off the Carl character…

…But this is going to suck…because it’s Carl.

Yes…there’s plenty else going on, without him…but, seriously…I’ve enjoyed watching Chandler all these years…even when his relevance to the plot was low…

The show wont be the same without him.

Hopefully…we will get a new, young, cute boy, who sticks around for several seasons.

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