To Be, and Remain, With Death…


Date: January 20, 2018

01) Death and the cruel process that follows

“Annalisa Barbieri was lucky to have been able to keep her father at home for 11 hours after he died (Family, 6 January). I found my mother (aged 90) who had died in her sleep at home. Not knowing what to do, I rang her GP. This started a legal process that whisked her body away before I had time to say goodbye.”

It’s not the sort of thing you immediately think about, when a loved one dies…It may sound kind of creepy and morbid, on some level…

…But I’m glad we hung around for an hour or so with the body, after my father died…

It may sound weird…but, there is something comforting in that time…and that peaceful exposure.

I was doing some reading on this…and, actually…since this “Death with Dignity” series was a long time in the back of my mind, this was probably two, three years back…

…some funeral homes actually open up the process to relatives, and allow them to come in and help bathe the body…

Some families handle the entire process, on their own…

I’ve also read accounts from others, as to how deeply meaningful it was to them…to be left with the body for several hours, before it being taken away.

It really makes you think differently on death…experience it differently…if you don’t immediately turn away from it…You just sort of be, and remain, with it.


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