Law enforcement ‘professional’ mocks, torments and threatens Larry Nassar in a courtroom, over prison life, being raped…

Date: January 21, 2018

01) Law enforcement professional gives Larry Nassar a lesson on prison life

“Doug Powell a law enforcement correctional professional gives Larry Nassar a lesson about prison life after his daughter Kassie Powell spoke to him during the fourth day of Nassar’s sentencing in Lansing, Mich. on Friday, Jan. 19, 2018. (Joel Bissell |”

This is just how debased, sick and dysfunctional, our so called “justice” system is.

You know…

…Larry Nassar is possibly getting his just deserts…

…Some people are going to say, this is a terrible case on which to make a stand like this…

…but there is absolutely no excuse, for what this alleged law enforcement “professional” is doing here.

It is not his job, nor his place, to berate and intimidate the inmate.

…And people wonder why so many say, the “Justice” system is anything but just…or rehabilitative…

Too many of the people running such places, are every bit as bad [if not worse], than the people in the cells.

This guy is a prime example, of the type of person who should never be allowed into a professional position, in such an institution.

Here we got this guy…practically mocking an inmate, in a public court room…over the possibility that he may be raped…

…This is absolutely nothing, but disgusting and despicable behavior on the part of Doug Powell…

…It is not his place, to punish and to torment…FUCKING, PERIOD

Does the state of Michigan not have a problem with this?!…

I have some things to say about Larry Nassar, yes…

…Girls dedicating their lives to the U.S. Olympic team, aren’t there to get goosed by someone who’s supposed to be a health care professional…

…If he cant even mentally separate his profession from his jollies…let alone, someone solely pursuing a dream from a person seeking his sexual touch…I have no sympathies for him…

It is still the states responsibility, to make sure he does not get raped, brutalized or abused in any way…

…Anyone who does not like that…tough shit!…

…It’s their legal and ethical responsibility…Plus, it’s a standard that helps protect those who are wrongly convicted…

Anyone who would celebrate the rape, brutalization and torment of another human being, is a disgraceful excuse for a human being…and they probably deserve to be in a prison cell, themselves.

Larry Nassar is being stripped of the rest of his free life…that is his ultimate punishment.

…anything beyond that, is just criminal thug terrorism and torture.

8 thoughts on “Law enforcement ‘professional’ mocks, torments and threatens Larry Nassar in a courtroom, over prison life, being raped…

  1. americanrifleman09

    The man hates himself for allowing his daughter to be harmed in such a way and for raising his daughter in such a way where he did not believe her/she did not tell him what was happening. He is lashing out at himself in that speech by attacking Nassar like that.

  2. feinmann0

    As usual, Jordan Peterson puts into perspective the damage men of violence such as Powell, do to society.

    “Western legal systems are predicated on the notion that people possess the logos. The individual has sovereignty in the West. The rules encounter a boundary up to which they hit the individual. Even if you are a murderer, even if everyone knows you did it, you still have to be treated with the dignity that you would grant to someone who possesses the capacity to conquer chaos and revitalise tyrannical order. The law has to draw to a halt in front of that. People don’t understand how amazing it is that that principle ever emerged because the impulsive, correct response to the revelation of a murderer in your midst is to kill him as brutally and as rapidly as possible. Why not? He deserves it.

    But that is not the point. The point is that there is something even deeper at stake that’s real. Without that respect for the logos, you cannot establish a harmonious relationship with yourself, because you don’t know who you are, you cannot establish an intimate relationship with anyone else, you can’t be a good parent, you can’t take your place in your local community, and you can’t be a useful, productive citizen.”

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      There are so many reasons why, people should never behave like that…even when they expect it is just.

      When you take on a responsibility like that of this guy…you have to remove yourself from this type of thing, even more than the average person.

  3. Edward Chambers

    Doug Powell is a sick man. Puritanically obsessed by a legal system that is perverse by default.

    He should know that wishing those things upon another human being makes him less than the subject of his scorn. By hoping all such things transpire against a person who is detained in a facility that is supposed to be correctional makes a mockery of the system and all those that are willfully employed therein.

    I think this man does not understand that by allowing himself to be this vessel of hate will only end in tears for himself in time. He talks of nightmares, but simply he is living one. In a system that is as perverse as he is.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      There’s an old understanding, about how law enforcement attracts people, who are fundamentally on the same level as the criminals…in violence…skirting the laws…they’re two sides of the same coin.

      I know it’s way more true for some, than it is for others…but, there is a lot of truth in it.

      Powell is a good example. His responsibility is both uncommon and great…Hence, we demand out of people like him, conduct that is uncommon and great.

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    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Realistically…he will probably be kept in a special, “protected” section of the prison…maybe even a special facility [one that’s still a prison]…

      Being raped isn’t quite so likely…But, he will die in prison, no doubt.

      Even if humans develop technology that let’s us live for hundreds of years, or indefinitely, within the next few decades…Nassar isn’t likely to get access to it.


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