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The Thought Hackers – 32 – Online Harassment: A Silent Epidemic? With Samantha Silverberg…

Date: February 04, 2018

01) 32 – Online Harassment: A Silent Epidemic? With Samantha Silverberg

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“Samantha Silverberg is a licensed clinician specializing in working with individuals who have histories of complex and chronic trauma.

She has spent the last eight years working across a variety of populations at the University of Pennsylvania, Mount Sinai Hospital and as adjunct faculty at LaSalle University amongst other positions.

Based on her own personal experiences and professional experiences of clients dealing with online harassment, Samantha co-founded Online SOS, a non-partisan, non-profit dedicated to providing free, direct services to individuals experiencing this. Samantha runs Online SOS while pursuing her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Fielding University to continue this work.

Key Points

1/ Online harassment maps directly on to psychological trauma.

2/ Individuals experiencing online harassment may experience trauma symptoms.

3/ There is support for this type of trauma, you are not alone. Rather than suffering in silence we want individuals to reach out.

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I’ve seen these behaviors used against MAPs, countless times.

…I’ve personally experienced them.