Concerned Women For America Lobbying Trump Administration To Stop Overseas LGBTQ Rights Programs…

Date: February 07, 2018

01) Concerned Women For America Lobbying Trump Administration To Stop Overseas LGBTQ Rights Programs

“Concerned Women for America, the conservative group founded by Beverly LaHaye, recently “met with a Trump-appointed USAID senior official” to lobby against the continuance of Obama-era initiatives to promote LGBTQ rights around the globe, according to a post on the group’s website.

CWA starts its report on the meeting with its concern that the U.S. is spending “millions of tax dollars promoting [LGBTI] cultural acceptance into foreign countries”:

In the beginning, God made man and woman in His own likeness—two distinct sexes each with unique and special characteristics—and declared His creation “good”. Who could have anticipated that this God-given and inherent identity of gender and sex would be so debated, twisted, and redefined by the liberal left today? Even more incredible is that the U.S government under Obama-era policies, not content with promoting multiple gender and sexual “identities” within the U.S., spends millions of tax dollars promoting Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Inquiring (LGBTI) cultural acceptance into foreign countries under the guise of “gender development” and “human rights”.

The group specifies that these LGBTQ acceptance programs don’t “represent the values of the majority of American citizens” and “violate the conscience, culture, values and religious beliefs of the majority of the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian people in the countries we propose to ‘support’ with U.S. aid.””

I do think this sort of program, is valid as a global humanitarian effort…

…But, I’m not so sure the U.S. government should be pumping millions of dollars into foreign initiatives, while the U.S., itself, is falling apart.

It’s time to fix the problems at home…and stop exporting the chronic U.S. problems…

…If the U.S. cannot even manage getting it’s own house in order…how is it supposed to help others, get their houses in order?

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