Hey ladies! Ready to Get Drafted by the Military?…

Date: February 07, 2018

01) Hey ladies! Ready to Get Drafted by the Military?

“Should women be drafted into the military in 2017? The rise of feminism and calls for equality make that question very relevant today. We explore that question and the question of whether having women in combat roles is a good idea.”

In my opinion…there is no substantive difference in being forcefully taken into custody, removed far away from your home, put through mandatory training in how to kill and mutilate other human beings, potentially being forced into a setting [likely a foreign land] where your life and body are under threat, and you have to kill or mutilate other human beings..

…there is no substantive difference between such a lived experience, and being taken for the benefit of a thug, terrorist organization.

The interviewer is correct…Not all males can handle it.

I have never been a supporter of military drafts.

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