DAVID BOWIE : “Blackstar” (full album HQ)…

Date: February 08, 2018

01) DAVID BOWIE : “Blackstar” (full album HQ)

“- Blackstar : 0:00
– Tis a Pity She Was a Whore : 10:02
– Lazarus : 14:57
– Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) : 21:16
– Girl Loves Me : 25:56
– Dollar Days : 30:49
– I Can’t Give Everything Away : 35:26”

2 thoughts on “DAVID BOWIE : “Blackstar” (full album HQ)…

  1. feinmann0

    “What an amazing album from an amazing man. Visconti: ‘Blackstar was Bowie making his death, as he did with his life, into art. It was his parting gift to us.'”

    Space Oddity has to be up there in the galaxy of fabulous songs released in 1969, certainly one that, as a teen, gave me goosebumps whenever it began to be played on pirate radio, Radio Luxembourg, or Radio 1. I tried Karaoke for the first time in my life a few weeks back; China Girl was a track I inflicted on my buddies. Great music!

    And, baby groupie Lori Maddox …

    Thanks David for enriching my life.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I should have posted the videos, also…

      David Bowie – Lazarus:

      David Bowie – Blackstar:

      …Some bit of visual reference to his past music, in that second one.

      Blackstar will exist as a singularly unique piece of art…as it was a very unique artist turning his experience of facing his own death [right on the cusp of it and knowing it, honestly], into his last masterful work.

      …And despite everything happening to him…he kept it together, and made a phenomenal album.

      There have been others…like Warren Zivon…It makes sense, that artists who’ve spent their life making art, would naturally want to “make one more” before it’s to late…But, that was Warren in his style…It wasn’t like this one.

      I just purchased a copy of Blackstar, about a month ago…Glad I did.

      Previously, I only had one of his older hits collections, from the late eighties [or early nineties]…Eventually, I bought the Labyrinth soundtrack…He just fell though the cracks, and what I was hearing…I wasn’t that drawn too…

      …Which is my mistake, and has always been my mistake…as David mostly produced music that only got better as you listened to it…It demanded that you listen to it, to discover how great it was.

      I don’t love everything he did, of course…But as I get older…and as the musicians of my youth [when I was going through my initial love for music] fade away…die off…or put out a “surprise” album, and grab my attention…I find myself looking up their past albums [that I never owned] and putting them on a wishlist, to purchase in whole…or at least the songs I don’t already have…whichever option is least costly…

      Looking back with all this time passed by…I find it to be like the experience of “buying a new album” from a favorite artists…and discovering it’s a really good album…even though I didn’t think to much of it, when I was originally hearing some of it’s tracks.

      I guess you could say…I’m getting a bit more longevity out of my favorite artists, by having “ignored” some of their work.


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