Jordan Peterson Propagates the Same Old Lines Against ‘Pedophiles’?…

Date: February 09, 2018

01) “One of the interesting things to know about pedophiles” Jordan Peterson “They’re predatory”

“In this lecture, He continues with the analysis of the Disney film Pinocchio to illustrate the manner in which great mythological or archetypal themes inform and permeate both the creation and the understanding of narratives.”

I’ve not watched the Pinocchio lectures, so…

…Not sure if this was all a set up, for something unexpected…or if Jordan was just smearing “pedophiles” as being “predators”.

Ultimately…I am not shocked, and never expected Jordan to be especially well informed about this issue.

20 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson Propagates the Same Old Lines Against ‘Pedophiles’?…

  1. feinmann0

    Here too from The Lion King where Scar is the paedophile and Simba is the victim:

    It is indeed unfortunate that Jordan Peterson feels obliged to echo the discriminatory mainstream view of paedophiles. In appearing to waver on the validity of homosexuality, specifically gay marriage:, it is but a short step to excoriate paedophiles.

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      Part of me kind of wonders, if inclusion of their media here [on a MAPs blog], prods forward these kinds of questions…Like if they notice I’m embedding their media, and they end up thinking…”well…maybe I’ll slide in some less than flattering comments about pedophiles, and see how he likes that!”…

      I’ve noticed more than one such channel [IE: Ring of Fire], turning on an aggressive anti-pedophile message…dare I say, chronic rant…after I’d been sharing their media for an extended period of time…

      I doubt that’s the case, here…but there are a lot of people out there…and some want to whisper in their ear, and plant a bit of paranoia in their mind.

      I think I’m just rambling at this point, and not really sure where to take this comment.

      It’s just something in the back of my own mind…After all…I did experience the paranoid attack of someone I used to feature here a lot…

      …And some people imagine I have no business, sharing the media of anyone else…presumably because I’m a MAP.

      Anyway…I agree…It’s not shocking Jordan is like this…but, it’s still kind of somber to hear it.

      1. feinmann0

        I think it might well be a paranoid moment on your part. Incidentally, I pity any MAP who seeks psychiatric help from Jordan Peterson, as I sense more than a whiff of loathing when he utters the words “… which is always what a good pedophile does by the way …”. This is precisely the attitude I endured at the hands of mental health professionals when I was once at a particularly low ebb. A total absence of humanity and empathy on their part at that critical point endangered my life. Far from helping, they instead inflict their hateful non-professional prejudices on the person they are paid to help and care for.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        Well…I’ve been doing this sort of thing long enough, to witness [and personally experience] a lot of ill behavior, on the part of people who dislike MAPs…I understand, even where it’s less probable, it’s still totally plausible.

        Of course…I always have to check myself against the fact that, lots of other things are going on in the world also…and there is a coincidence factor to recognize.

        I’m sorry for your experience…

        …Ultimately, that is amongst the things so many of us hope to combat.

        One of the biggest problems with psychiatry…is that the psychiatrists are humans, themselves…And they bring to the table their own list of psychological failings.

        At times, it gets really insane…Who is fit to lead who?…

        In the dwindling years of their marriage, my parents started marriage counseling…which eventually lead to family counseling…

        We probably saw this one person for two or three years…

        …About a year or two after the divorce…we got a letter from the employer of our counselor, informing us he had been fired…for having an affair with one of his clients…

        …That ended our experience with family counseling.

        A “professional” paid to help keep families together…who could not stop himself from engaging in behavior he knew would damage his own family…

        I don’t say all this in judgment…I liked the guy…But, it’s still quite illuminating on the human condition.

  2. MsQuepacha

    Steve, Pedophilia is a mental problem that needs constant treatment to avoid the perpetration of the pedophile harmful sexual fantasies, pederasty, which is ilegal because It infringes all children rights.
    Child pornography is a pedophilic act of pederasty.

    Thus you’re a pederasty apologist, not a pedophilia apologist, cause you’re not trying to destigmatize a mental health problem, you want a crime against children rights to be legal

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      Your comment here, does not make logical sense.

      Firstly…I’m not an apologist at all, for anything whatsoever.

      Secondly…there is no practical reason to bring pederasty [attraction to pubescent and teen boys] into this, and oppose it to pedophilia. You’ve explained no distinction, and your assertion makes no sense.

      Thirdly…I don’t support the infringement on anybody’s rights…I support the expansion of personal rights.

      Lastly…pedophilia is a sexual orientation…Nothing about it dictates that it must manifest in any harmful way, just as nothing about heterosexuality dictates that it must manifest harmfully.

      To say that it “needs constant treatment to avoid…”, is a sign of cultural paranoia.

      We don’t even have good numbers and statistics, to show us how many pedophiles are living in this world…nor how they typically live their lives…This is all thanks to extremist elements mucking up the system, and grinding research to a stand still.

      When the day comes that we finally do break down that wall…I expect we will find that pedophiles aren’t particularly immoral, or monstrous…and that what they tend to do, is not fundamentally bad.

      You’ll always find extreme, outlying cases…but the average “pedophile”?…

      …Being a pedophile is not about infringing against children.

      To those who work to stand in the way of this progress I ask…

      …If you are so certain, that “pedophiles” are irredeemable…then why are you attempting to stop an initiative, that would research and lay bare, what we “pedophiles” statistically are like?

      One would think you’d actually want this…but, tellingly…no…virtually none of you do.

      I think most of you instinctually know you are wrong, in your current stance…and you know allowing true research, would prove you wrong, damaging your own social agenda.

      1. ASAsauty

        None of the children in child porn pictures give “consent”. They are usually coerced with violence, mental abuse, or drugged in many or most cases. How any one can even think that it is ok to view these images for sexual pleasure is just beyond any reasonably sane person.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        Well…thank you for the opinion of your “all seeing eye”, and “all knowing mind”…

        …Are there any other “absolute laws of the universe” you’d like to dictate, while you are here? 🙂

      3. feinmann0

        Sounds as if ASAsauty is quite the expert on child porn. He/she must indeed have watched a lot of such illegal material to arrive at the statistical conclusion they quote.

      4. eqfoundation Post author

        Sounds like a sound likelihood, to me…

        And of course…they have to evoke the specter of sex trafficking [ie: sex slavery]…a particular sort of thing, I’ve always condemned…which exists primarily because of these prohibition extremists, who’ve made sexual rights impossible for untold numbers of people. Naturally…something far less optimal crops up, to fill the void made by these control freaks.

        …But, of course…the sex trafficking scene is somehow “our” fault.

        Apparently…they’ve not bothered to notice the modern trends in juvenile, tween and child sexting…

        …Where are their “traffickers, forcing them”, again?

  3. Helios

    Shocking to see that you try to be rational but so absolutely misinformed;or maybe you’re a culprit looking for rationality in ur crimes. How can you say child sex is victimless; when clearly all of them are forced into it by means of trafficking/abuse; left scarred 4 life

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “clearly all of them are forced into it by means of trafficking/abuse; left scarred 4 life”

      I see…

      …So, in other words…absolutely nothing happens outside of the circumstance you claim?…

      …Do I have to go any deeper, in exposing why you have no integrity?…and why those of us honest people, rooted in reality, are demanding objective nuance?

      And you insinuate I’m doing something criminal…

      …You sorts are just sad and pathetic…You are too inept, to hold a competent dialogue…so you introduce side distractions, and do whatever you can to just shut down the dialogue…

      Your tactics are worthless…They don’t work on an educated person.

  4. eqfoundation Post author

    MsQuepacha/ASAsauty/Helios give an excellent example, as to why so many MAPs are done trying to communicate with “those who know better”…

    Notice the dictation of absurdly absolutist rhetoric…notice the lack of human respect…notice the lack of seeking dialogue…notice the lack of care, to even understand what my stances are in the first place…

    They are coming from a place of mental contempt.

    It’s because of these sorts…that so many of us MAPs don’t really care what they have to say, anymore…So, we strike off and create our own places, communities and discussions…where we know that integrity, respect and goodwill will be harbored.

    Their sorts don’t like this…

    …Their sorts don’t function or get their way very well, inside of such environments.

    1. feinmann0

      MsQuepacha/ASAsauty/Helios are dishonest, closed-minded, limited intelligence, slogan-shouting, misandrist, hypocritical, disingenuous, manipulative, treacherous, divisive, unthinking individuals that rely on manufactured grievance rather than substantive truth. They want the world to mirror their fantastical opinions rather than reality to form their opinions.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I put this on the Fear, Threat and Attack files webpage…but, I guess I’ll approve it here, also…in the event someone sane wants to chew on it…Why not?…I’ve already approved several comments, of similar quality.

      There is a difference between sex addiction and a sex drive, after all…

      …Julius seems unaware.

  5. feinmann0

    Steve, the exact same comment appeared here: on Eivind Berge’s blog.

    Likely same old targeting courtesy of Big Brother who in reality is just a hideously deformed coward.

    1. eqfoundation Post author


      …Whoever’s been doing that, is an idiot.

      It’s hard to tell, that it’s not just someone with extremely bad English.

      Oh well…On top of everything else, some of our detractors are so insane, they cannot even figure out how to compose a coherent comment…nor how to think rationally…

      …”Oh, the shock”…


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