National Pizza Day: February 9, 2018…


Date: February 09, 2018

Happy National Pizza Day!…

Woo Hoo!!!

I Love Pizza!!!

A Pizza Poem:

Pizza for you!
Pizza for me!
Pizza’s so good,
in the tum, tum, tummy!

Pizza’s so good,
it will always please!
Make sure the next pizza’s,
Extra, Extra Cheese!

What Pizza Means to Me:

I really appreciate pizza quite a lot…It’s been in my life, and nourished me, as far back as I can remember.

My favorite pizza, is kind of hard to specify…because I like so many of them…

…I love four, five and six cheese pizza…

…But I also love tomato, bacon ranch pizzas…

…And this local place I like to go to, has a deep dish pizza…essentially a supreme…it goes by the title “sublime”…and I love it…I’ll bet you’d love it, too…

I love Mexican pizza…I love spinach artichoke pizza…I love this kind of pizza, commonly called “summer pizza”…it’s like a BLT, with miracle whip instead of pizza sauce…So good…

I even love pizza’s cousins…bread sticks…cheese sticks…and cinnamon sticks…and calzones…

Geez, I really want some pizza!…

…Think I’ll go out and get one!


4 thoughts on “National Pizza Day: February 9, 2018…

  1. Vegan

    Hi, Steve. Pizza day may seem fun, but it’s not, at least for animals. Using animals for eating is not nice, abuse and murder whether direct (meat-eating) or indirect (egg-consuming or milk = killing male chickens, cow calves, cows themselves after giving milk when they are already dry etc.). This is not justifiable, it is a crime Steve you know it!

    That’s why let me do JUST an exercise, don’t take offence: Considering the fact that you support innocent child-like animals (pigs have the mental intelligence of a 8yo) to be abused, raped, murder and denied their most basics rights like rape and spanking of cows to make milk and their meat industry and their holocaust of 6 millions of animals killed every 30 minutes, just for your taste, -SO THEN IN THAT CASE- you are a hipocrite and your whole blog is invalid.

    If you are an “atheistic homosexual boylover” (I don’t judge it you life and this is not the moment in any case) and that’s why you suffer daily persecution and abuse and the denial of your voice, if you have been denied the right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness, you can’t then abuse and deny the right to life and happiness of others (animals) for being different (to your species, that is to say: specism).

    Don’t be fooled by “meatmongers” or “milkmongers” liars, eating meat or milk is not good, we don’t need animals (and their suffering) to live, all humans can be vegetarians at any stage and time of life, and with a little vegan effort, or as vegan as possible (it’s always difficult to 100% but the most you can is better).

    So please this year 2018 go vegetarian, with just that you would save the life of 300 animals each year, and if you can be vegan and replace the cheese as much as you can with vegan cheese or you can order the pizza without cheese (is good even without cheese believe me).

    I leave this video that is very good:

    And this site:


    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Well…Thank you Vegan…

      Just to be clear…this was supposed to be a joke post…I thought the ridiculousness of it would be fairly clear.

      No offense, but I do have some thoughts…

      I’m not against being vegan, nor vegetarian…but there is no strong market where I live, to make vegan living viable….not on my income.

      I don’t believe I am a hypocrite…We are omnivores, after all…

      …I’m still waiting for the day, when they can grow meat product without it being part of a living creature…and make that source of meat economically viable.

      Until that day, I will seek out the options that are available to me…I need something beyond vegetables.

      It’s all nice that we are concerned with reducing suffering…Let’s be honest, however…

      …We’d have to seize, isolate, care for and feed every single living thing on this planet, if we did not want it to be eaten, nor for it to eat another animal.

      We are still animals…as such, we are still part of the animal food chain…a chain which is not always nice to look at.

      As I continue to blog, I may start featuring content, that demonstrates how to survive on the land [as I consider this to be important]…I’m not going to shy away from hunting, fishing, cleaning, cooking and eating…

      I’m sorry if some people get disturbed by that…but, I’m a realist, living in the world that surrounds me.

      We don’t always have the luxury, to make those kinds of life choices.

      …And we should not allow ourselves to forget, that we are still omnivore animals.


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