Craig Harper: Let’s talk about sex (dolls)…

Date: February 13, 2018

01) Let’s talk about sex (dolls)

“Recent conversations, though, have turned to whether those who use sex dolls pose a risk to women and children. One issue with these conversations, though, is that they aren’t conversations at all. They tend to be ideologically driven rants, with dissenters being shouted done and haunted out of the conversation.

For the remainder of this essay, my aim is to set out the arguments and evidence in relation to both sides of this debate.

A team led by Milton Diamond examined the effects of pornography consumption on rates of sexual abuse, and found support for the cathartic effect hinted at by Ferguson and Hartley. Diamond’s team drew upon a period in Czech law whereby the ownership of pornography (including material involving children) was legal. They reported a significant reduction in rates of sexual abuse during this time, which echoed similar trends in Denmark and Japan in relation to the sexual abuse of children.

Diamond and his collaborators stopped short of suggesting that so-called pornographic material involving real children should be legalized. Instead, they argued that artificially-produced material might serve as a useful preventative substitute for some people with sexual interests in children who are actively trying to not offend against real children.”

Mark Griffiths, a distinguished professor of behavioural addictions, emphasises six characteristics that could indicate that somebody engaging in a particular behaviour is ‘addicted’: salience, mood modification, conflict, tolerance, relapse, and withdrawal.

Along with several colleagues, Griffiths has developed the Problematic Pornography Consumption Scale, in which these six characteristics are statistically represented.

Interesting article.

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