The Prevention Project: Interview with Dr. Allyson Walker’s to Discuss their MAP Resiliency research…

Date: February 13, 2018

01) Interview with Dr. Allyson Walker’s to Discuss their MAP Resiliency research

“In this interview, Dr. Walker explains the results of their research studying resiliency in Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs) also referred to as pedophiles. A discussion of their findings as well as the distinction between contact vs. anti-contact pedophilia is explored, along with pedophilia being a type of sexual orientation.”

Nobody deserves the kinds of abuse touched on, in this podcast…”anti contact” or otherwise…

…And there are many great MAP communities online…B4U-ACT and Virtuous Pedophiles are but two of them…

…Just because they don’t all have the same “party line”, doesn’t mean they aren’t great.

My roots are in BoyChat…One of the best damn forums the internet has ever seen…And I would have it no other way.

5 thoughts on “The Prevention Project: Interview with Dr. Allyson Walker’s to Discuss their MAP Resiliency research…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      They don’t bash people like us, or anything like that…

      ,,.They just kind of ignore us, while talking about the generally positive aspects of Virpeds…and highlighting the “I don’t want to hurt a child” perspective…

      …Which, incidentally, we share also…We just don’t share in a hyperbolic definition of “harm”, that many people are pushing.

      I think the episode is worth a listen…but I understand why those of us who’ve been submerged in this sort of thing for years and decades, might not be so interested in “listening to this, yet again”.

      There is nothing earth shattering or novel, for anyone who’s familiar with the situation.

      It’s kind of nice hearing people humanize MAPs, and clearly identify the unjustified abuses and misconceptions aimed at MAPs.

      1. Yure

        The stigma needs to pass, before people can look at us in an unbiased manner. At least anti-contacts can fight stigma better.

  1. feinmann0

    I side with Yure on this topic.

    The words anti-contact reinforce the notion that MAPs should stay the hell clear of children no matter what. Why? Because MAPs in being unable to control their desires, automatically constitute a danger to young people if allowed anywhere near them.

    This inhumane logic is divisive and a subset of the greater evil of man-hating puritanical feminism emanating from the Anglosphere. I take great exception to any individual telling me that I represent a danger to others, purely on the basis of the brand of sexuality I happen to have been born with.

    Far from acquiescing to these project initiatives and saying how wonderful they are, we should be fighting them tooth and nail. Why? Because it is completely unacceptable for male sexuality to be discriminated against in this way.

    Surprise, surprise … a female paediatrician leading the cavalry charge.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Noted and appreciated.

      Really, I could put these in the Talk About “Pedophiles” series…Because that series is meant to highlight comments from non-MAP’s, who are at least attempting some kind of non-rabid commentary.

      Part of the mission of this blog, is to survey things going on in this world, that affect MAPs…And the way changes are taking place, in how these people talk about MAPs, is relevant…

      I hope it goes without saying…I don’t endorse everything they say.


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