“Pedophile Hunters” Don’t Like Being Scrutinized; Go Criminal Hostile and Get Charged…


Date: February 20, 2018

01) Three men arrested after Kevin Magee BBC paedophile investigation

“Three men have been arrested in connection with an altercation involving BBC journalist Kevin Magee in Belfast.

The reporter was challenged by ‘paedophile hunters’…

…reportedly unhappy after the reporter made approaches to people connected with paedophile hunter groups for a piece he was working on.

On Tuesday morning, a PSNI spokeswoman said: “Three men, aged 28, 32 and 34, have been charged with a number of offences, including attempted intimidation, common assault, false imprisonment and disorderly behaviour.”

02) Trio in court on paedophile hunter charges

“Three men have appeared in court facing a total of 56 charges in relation to so-called paedophile hunting groups.

Among the charges they face are assault, unlawful imprisonment and intimidation. All three were released on bail.

They were banned from using any social media platforms, dating apps or mobile phones with internet access.

They were also told to stay away from anyone associated with paedophile hunter groups.

The men – George Keenan, from Glenwood Court, Dunmurry, Richard Curtis, of Albert Road, Carrickfergus, and Tim Heron, of Cloverhill Vale in Bangor – will appear in court again on 17 April.

A police sergeant told Belfast Magistrates’ Court: “We don’t believe that they have been assisting police because they have been told continuously to desist from this activity.

“They have chosen to carry on and detain individuals and carry out their own investigations.”

…The trio are accused of attempting unlawfully by force, threats or menaces to cause BBC journalist Kevin Magee to refrain from broadcasting an interview on television, as well as disorderly behaviour.”

This would be entirely consistent, with the nature I have habitually witnessed in these self proclaimed “pedophile hunter” type of people. They are always abusive, nasty, arrogant people, who refuse to learn a single damned thing that doesn’t fit into their own bigotries…and they refuse to abide by laws, and standards of civility.

They are nothing but cut throat sociopaths, channeling their sadism at social scapegoats.

There needs to be a lot more arrests and charges of this nature.

Some of these people are so awful…they become a threat towards people, who aren’t even pedophiles…

…They’re just social bullies, who want to do whatever they please…and they don’t want anyone challenging them about any of it.

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2 thoughts on ““Pedophile Hunters” Don’t Like Being Scrutinized; Go Criminal Hostile and Get Charged…

  1. thoughtsofadeviantdissident

    I wish these bastards could be lined up and shot for the terror they bring to MAP’s!

    Violence is the only language they understand, as they are beyond reasoned thought..

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “Live by the sword, die by the sword”…

      I’ve often thought to myself, that these internet “tough guys” who spew all sorts of threats and abuse at MAPs, deserve the exact same fate they would choose to deal out to another person.

      …Some of the things I’ve seen coming out of these sorts, is just way beyond sick.

      …I wouldn’t even sentence them to such a fate, as they would sentence us.


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