Why Our Flawed Justice System Breeds ‘Shadow’ Vigilantes…

Date: February 22, 2018

01) Why Our Flawed Justice System Breeds ‘Shadow’ Vigilantes

“What do Three Strikes laws, mandatory-minimums for drug offenders, the Stop Snitching campaign, and private police have in common? According to Paul H. Robinson, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, they are all expressions of a “shadow” vigilantism that has spread in the contemporary U.S.—usually in response to perceived failures in the justice system.

The forthcoming Shadow Vigilantes: How Distrust in the Justice System Breeds a New Kind of Lawlessness, which Robinson co-authored with Sarah, M. Robinson, a former sergeant in the US Army and social worker, explores how the impulse to take the law into their own hands has been a feature of Americans’ behavior since the Revolution.

In a conversation with TCR’s Julia Pagnamenta, Robinson explains why the history of vigilantism is more nuanced than the traditional view which defines vigilantes as groups like the KKK and white supremacists, and why vigilantism will continue to operate when disenfranchised individuals in society feel that the system is ignoring their concerns.”

This is worth reading…

…I sometimes wonder, why there is not more vigilantism on behalf of MAPs…

…It’s not as though we aren’t being inhumanely raped by a system and culture, which practices predation upon us…and shows little interest in changing.

I’m left to believe, we have super human self control.

7 thoughts on “Why Our Flawed Justice System Breeds ‘Shadow’ Vigilantes…

  1. Yure

    We are just isolated. Vigilantism works because people can act in group. That makes it harder to identify specific individuals to punish and gives a person a sense of powerfulness, for acting alongside others.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Being in a group is emboldening, for sure…It’s why bullies like to form gangs…Hence why so many “pedophile hunters” are part of a group.

      I look forward to the day, when we MAPs stop wandering the world alone…Where when we are stalked and accosted by “hunters”, we have equal or higher numbers in our own group…right there, beside us…

      …Go online looking for an “underage hookup”…just to see the look on these “hunters” faces, when fifteen of us come out of nowhere, from every direction and surround them…

      …A reverse sting…

      ….Am I getting too dark with this? 🙂

      What’s happening to us at the hands of these predators, is just one of the reasons why we need a developed, established MAP culture…that is both seen and respected.

      We need to be allying, and watching each others backs.

      1. Yure

        Before we can form a block, people need to identify with us. To do so, they need to accept themselves and their feelings. I denied myself for a long time, trying to fool myself into thinking I wasn’t a pedophile. But it was mostly because I was very ignorant. I began to accept it after doing some research, in May 2017. So, I’m really new to this.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        “So, I’m really new to this.”
        I quite denying it, in my early twenties…so…I’m extremely old at this. 😉

        I think this is what, periodically, makes me kind of frustrated, about the lack of any tangible change…

        We’ve had people…Mostly they just complained…got old and died…or went to prison over something…

  2. feinmann0

    Steve says: ‘…I sometimes wonder, why there is not more vigilantism on behalf of MAPs…’ and ‘ We need to be allying, and watching each others backs.’

    Minor Attracted Human Rights (MaHR) mahrtsthfvlidlwv.onion mission statement reads, in part: ‘MaHR will advocate for the basic Human Rights of all Minor Attracted Adults; MaHR will advocate for the basic Human Rights of all people convicted of Sexual Offenses; MaHR is the product of decades of subjugation, and now we stand as one and say: “No More!”’

    The general view of the membership of this initiative (which has been in existence for just over three months now) is vigilante-oriented. One example: a couple erected a big advertisement on their front lawn informing passers-by of the whereabouts of a convicted sex offender who lives in the vicinity. Efforts were made by several MaHR members to persuade the couple to halt their blatant persecutory activities.

    All well and good but, of the roughly 94 MaHR members, just 11 have posted more than once, with 76 posting nothing at all, and just a couple of posts over the past month. For me this illustrates the apathy common to the age of the internet where interest in a great idea is often simultaneously intense and fleeting. It is a shame that so few engage with the MaHR initiative.

    In the absence of meeting in real life, as people did leading up to the Stonewall riots back in the late 60s, and as happened in Europe thirty years ago for the MAP community: ipce.info/newsletters/e_30/overview.htm, activism is doomed to failure.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I’ll make a point to get that link onto the EQF Community links, next time I work on it.

      It’s crazy that we talk and talk and talk…and we talk some more…

      There is so little action…

      I’m not sure what I was talking about even can be done in this country…maybe in California…There’s always a high concentration of every group, there…BLs and GLs are no different, from what I’ve seen.

      They used to have large get togethers.


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