Kevin Magee confronts self-appointed paedophile hunters – BBC NI…


Date: February 23, 2018

01) Kevin Magee confronts self-appointed paedophile hunters – BBC NI

“BBC Northern Ireland – February 13th 2018”

…And “these” are supposedly the people, who are self appointed “authorities” for “keeping the kids safe”?…

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4 thoughts on “Kevin Magee confronts self-appointed paedophile hunters – BBC NI…

  1. holocaust21

    It would be nice if the BBC were to suddenly have a change of heart and start going against the paedohysteria. However, I’m rather pessimistic as I know the organisation has the SJW philosophy deeply embedded within it. Furthermore, whilst they seem to be having a bit of a go at paedophile hunters they are at the same time more than happy to have Jim Gamble on – who murdered in excess of 30 people as part of Operation Ore. I feel a bit like it could just be that Jim Gamble wants the police to have a monopoly on paedohysterical violence as part of his ego-mania. Or I suppose, more optimistically, it is possible that, with him being the weasel that he is, he’s just trying to be a bit more moderate as he realises there is a risk of the tide turning.

    Anyone else have more insight into WHY the BBC seem to be turning against paedophile hunters?

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      The situation vaguely reminded me of an incident with a reporter [I forget his name], who was trying to catch up with Philip John Eide…which came to a head at a conference…Though it was nowhere near that aggressive and abusive.

      For sure…I’m not trying to put the reporter over as if he is some kind of hero to MAPs.

      I just think it says so much about these “pedophile hunters”, that this is they way they act when someone wants to confront them.

  2. thoughtsofadeviantdissident

    Wouldn’t surprise me if these tattooed moronic thugs have ties with some paramilitary groups…

    That could equally apply to the rest of the UK too!


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