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15 Famous Men Who Love Boys!…


Date: February 28, 2018

01) 15 Famous Men Who Love Boys!

“History and sexuality. Join us on a journey exploring some of the greatest and most talented men to ever live who unbeknown to most modern people had attractions to and in several of the cases reciprocal love relationships with boys! Educate yourself, let us lift you up out of ignorance. And hopefully lose some of that hostility.”

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This Special Friendship (1964)…


Date: February 28, 2018

01) This Special Friendship (1964 Movie)!

“English Subtitles Version! Drama / LGBT! Les amitiés particulières is a 1964 film adaptation of the Roger Peyrefitte novel Les amitiés particulières directed by Jean Delannoy. It stars Francis Lacombrade as Georges, Didier Haudepin as Alexandre and Michel Bouquet as Père de Trennes.

The movie is mostly true to the novel, changing only relatively minor plot points such as Alexandre’s suicide from poisoning to death by throwing himself from a train. Also, Alexandre in the movie is brown-haired, not blond, which also removes some of the inside jokes between Alexandre and Georges which are present in the book.

On the set of the film, Peyrefitte, who was 57-years-old at the time, met the 12-year-old aristocrat

Man / Boy Love Movie!”