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New Survey Shows Young People Are Staying Liberal and Conservatives Are Dying Off…

Date: March 02, 2018

01) New Survey Shows Young People Are Staying Liberal and Conservatives Are Dying Off

“For obvious reasons, the broadly liberal demographic trends in American politics have received much less attention since the 2016 election. Yet the fact remains that America is politically sorted by generations in a way it never has before. The oldest voters are the most conservative, white, and Republican, and the youngest voters the most liberal, racially diverse, and Democratic. There is absolutely no sign the dynamic is abating during the Trump years. If anything, it is accelerating.

The most recent Pew Research Survey has more detail about the generational divide. It shows that the old saw that young people would naturally grow more conservative as they age, or that their Democratic loyalties were an idiosyncratic response to Barack Obama’s unique personal appeal, has not held. Younger voters have distinctly more liberal views than older voters.”

Alex Jones’ Anti-Semitic MELTDOWN…

Date: March 02, 2018

01) Alex Jones’ Anti-Semitic MELTDOWN

” Citation:

Two former staffers at InfoWars have accused founder and right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones of discrimination and sexual harassment, the Daily Mail reported on Wednesday. Jones allegedly bullied staffers, made anti-Semitic and racist comments, and groped one worker, according to two Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints obtained by the publication.

Rob Jacobson, a former video editor who worked for the site for 13 years, alleges his co-workers and managers called him The Jewish Individual and The Resident Jew, and that Jones regularly humiliated and belittled him. As the Mail reports, The abuse got so bad that one member of staff photo shopped Jacobson’s face on to the image of an Orthodox Jew under the words THE JEWISH INDIVIDUAL DEMANDS YOUR HOT TOPICS and printed it out for all to see. Jacobson, who was eventually fired, is planning to sue Jones for discrimination, harassment, and unfair dismissal, in addition to his EEOC complaint.”