Billy Graham…

Date: March 05, 2018


“The late Dave Hunt exposed Billy Graham for his deep compromise of the truth, his love affair with Roman Catholicism, and his unfaithfulness to Scripture.”

I’d suggest these complaints were more less a positive, on the side of Billy…

At least he wasn’t so hardened, that he lost the ability to change…or to learn…or to get along with different people…

I learned about Billy’s death on the radio, a few hours after it occurred.

It’s hard to summarize Billy, in my mind…

…He was certainly an icon of our time…I remember watching his sermons on the television, when I was young…They used to be broadcast on regular television channels.

I always thought he was a decent guy…

…As I grew out of the faith…I suppose, I sort of forgot about him.

Maybe my opinion would be different, had I kept track of him.

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