13 thoughts on “Is Masturbation Good For You?…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I cant remember a time when I didn’t want to do it…

      …It always seemed to spontaneously “pop up”, from time to time…

      Early on, I wasn’t so much sure what to do with it…but figured out, pretty quickly.

      1. Yure

        I didn’t wait until it popped up. When I was a child, mom actually found it cute. Dad found it funny. The only person who disliked it was my sister.

      2. Yure

        She found it inappropriate. When I was six, I began to get sex-savvy, thanks to dad’s sex ed booklets. She said I had become something that was neither a child nor an adolescent.

      3. Yure

        I don’t think I was hypersexual. In fact, I never took masturbation to completion until age 14. I just liked the feeling, but saw nothing sexual in that. I mean, I knew that it was sexual in nature, but it didn’t feel like what was described in the books, wasn’t something “outstanding”… yet, I was doing it often.

      4. eqfoundation Post author

        Well…just for the record, I wasn’t trying to suggest that you were hypersexual…just that a range of sexual children exist…even the hypersexual ones.

        I grew up in a religious family…I’d say very religious, even if it was not “the worst of the worst”…So there wasn’t any tolerance for that kind of things in the home.

        I think, as a result, my sexual development was approached through that kind of a mental lens…”it was naughty and wrong”…

        Possibly, if felt all the better and more powerful, because it was forbidden.

      5. eqfoundation Post author

        I totally agree…

        …Maybe I’ve been going about things all wrong…

        …I should be approaching boys and telling them, “You are absolutely forbidden from cramming your dick into my mouth!”…

  1. feinmann0

    Good to know that every time one activates the bulbocavernosis reflex one gives the sex muscles a good workout. Also good to know that having regular orgasms potentially flushes out carcinogenic secretions, thereby reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

    Now then, where did I hide my stash of child erotica?

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Masturbation is wonderful!

      …Truly, it would be a monstrous crime against children, not to pass this knowledge along to them?

      …Think of all the children who had their lives shortened from prostate cancer, because nobody taught them this vital information.


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