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The Amazing History Of The Drug War…

Date: March 07, 2018

01) The Amazing History Of The Drug War

“The war on drugs: Is it a genuine public health crusade or an attempt to carry out what author Michelle Alexander characterizes as “the New Jim Crow”?

A new report by Dan Baum for Harper’s Magazine suggests the latter. Specifically, Baum refers to a quote from John Ehrlichman, who served as domestic policy chief for President Richard Nixon when the administration declared its war on drugs in 1971. According to Baum, Ehrlichman said in 1994 that the drug war was a ploy to undermine Nixon’s political opposition meaning, black people and critics of the Vietnam War…

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Alex Jones In Hot Water With YouTube…

Date: March 07, 2018

01) Alex Jones In Hot Water With YouTube

“Last month, CNN reported that Alex Jones’ InfoWars had received a strike from YouTube over its video suggesting Parkland student David Hogg and others were “crisis actors” used to take advantage of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting. Shortly after that, the outlet said it had received another reprimand from YouTube, leaving it one strike away from getting its account permanently banned.

It now appears that even if the far-right conspiracy site doesn’t get itself booted from the video platform, it may not be able to generate much ad revenue from its clips in future…


15 Cultures With Pederastic Customs!…


Date: March 07, 2018

01) 15 Cultures With Pederastic Customs!

“Pederasty is a relationship of sexual or educational nature between a man and boy, as such would be criminalised in most countries today; we can see that the practice has a rich or at least widespread history.

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Introduction – A Word On Jordan Peterson – The Order of Chaos: An Antidote to Meaning…


Date: March 07, 2018

01) Introduction – A Word On Jordan Peterson – The Order of Chaos: An Antidote to Meaning

I think this is too harsh on Jordan…and not accurate…I find the prospect of an audiobook intriguing, none the less.

I don’t believe Jordan Peterson is gaining a following, that deserves being called “a cult”…especially not as relates to us atheists…

Yes…I know Jordan is a former atheist, with Christian leanings…but he speaks a ton of truth, even if we don’t buy into everything he has to say.

I reject the notion, that you cannot accept wisdom from people with a different worldview.

Jordan Peterson – Why Am No Longer An Atheist:

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