Introduction – A Word On Jordan Peterson – The Order of Chaos: An Antidote to Meaning…


Date: March 07, 2018

01) Introduction – A Word On Jordan Peterson – The Order of Chaos: An Antidote to Meaning

I think this is too harsh on Jordan…and not accurate…I find the prospect of an audiobook intriguing, none the less.

I don’t believe Jordan Peterson is gaining a following, that deserves being called “a cult”…especially not as relates to us atheists…

Yes…I know Jordan is a former atheist, with Christian leanings…but he speaks a ton of truth, even if we don’t buy into everything he has to say.

I reject the notion, that you cannot accept wisdom from people with a different worldview.

Jordan Peterson – Why Am No Longer An Atheist:

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2 thoughts on “Introduction – A Word On Jordan Peterson – The Order of Chaos: An Antidote to Meaning…

  1. feinmann0

    What an odious narcissist loudly advertising his jealousy through a loud speaker! One may might do well to compare the likely number of people in the world TJK has helped with those JP has helped. No contest I would bet.

    I like this comment beneath the video: ‘How come whenever someone controversial (he really isn’t controversial though if it weren’t for the pronoun thing) gains a following, that following is called a cult? I like to listen to the guy, not worship him. You can learn things from everyone, even if your views don’t align 100%.’

    Being one of the ‘Peterson’s sycophants’ who dares to listen to what JP has to say, I believe my knowledge has increased significantly and beneficially as a result.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      That is a good comment…as is yours.

      I’m in the same boat…I’d hardly say I agree with everything JP has to say…but, I think I’ve expanded in a positive direction, by being exposed to him…And I feel he was worthy of sharing here.

      I get the feeling TJ is kind of adrift, right now…He’s watched everything he’s built on YouTube for a decade, fall into crippling decline…

      …Maybe he’s aiming for a bit of drama?…going back to the well, of an old YouTube tactic?


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