Josephus On Jesus…


Date: March 08, 2018

01) Josephus On Jesus

“For jesus historicists, its often common to cite the references to Jesus in Josephus. Josephus is a very famous Jewish historian who actually lived in the first century (from 37-100 ce). Mythicists have been asking for contemporary accounts of a historical Jesus and Josephus seems to be a popular place to look (Josephus actually wasnt a contemporary, but I guess they figure its close enough). The jesus that most people talk about, of course is the one that was born around the year zero and died around the year 33. Josephus does mention Jesus, or actually multiple Jesus’, but none of his authentic writing references the Jesus that all christians know and love. So today, we will be discussing Josephus on Jesus.


On the historicity of Jesus – Richard Carrier

Nailed – David Fitzgerald

A Narrative Anomoly in Josephus: Jewish Antiquities – Paul J Hopper

The Coincidences of the Emmaus Narrative of Luke and the Testimonium of Josephus – Gary J. Goldberg

Josephus on John the Baptist and other Jewish Prophets of Deliverance – Craig A. Evans

Note: I do say a few things wrong in here. Like “complied” as “compiled”. Hopefully you can forgive that”

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