Pornhüb Bans Convincing ‘Deepfake’ AI Videos…

Date: March 15, 2018

01) Pornhüb Bans Convincing ‘Deepfake’ AI Videos

“Technology, since it has been around, has been a double-edged sword, and as technology becomes more advanced, so does its potential for use, and abuse. And the abuse shows up in numerous, nefarious ways, deepfake videos being only the latest trend to hit the world.

For those who don’t know, the world hit by deepfake videos (or just deepfakes) is the often-sleazy one of pornography. Using artificial intelligence or machine-learning technology, the face of an adult performer is replaced with the face of another person, who could be a celebrity (as is usually the case) or an acquaintance or an ex. The video so produced, with a face that doesn’t actually belong on the body below it but still looks convincingly real, is called deepfake…


The question of this interfering with job and career opportunities, is an issue of bigotry.

Perhaps it is time to pass legislation, legally protecting sex workers from this type of discrimination?

…Oh…wait…we still have to repeal draconian laws, which torment and oppress sex workers in most places…we are still stuck in the dark ages, with regards to this…

This too shall pass, I think.

The numbers of educated, informed and open minded [who have no personal issue with this sort of thing], are growing towards that tipping point.

So many who have carried that torch of bigotry, are old and dying off…They can’t hold power over society forever.

A new day is coming.

The masturbation point is relevant here, yes. In your minds eye, you can envision anything you like…but what happens when your minds eye becomes sharable?

I also had a similar thought, about what happens when this sort of thing becomes common place…and it “loses it’s teeth”, so to speak…Will anyone even care, anymore?

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