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Neocon Nightmare John Bolton Now HEAVILY Influencing Trump’s Foreign Policy…

Date: April 01, 2018

01) Neocon Nightmare John Bolton Now HEAVILY Influencing Trump’s Foreign Policy

“Trump replaced his former National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, with an unhinged neoconservative nightmare named John Bolton, who served as U.N. Ambassador under George W. Bush’s administration. Bolton doesn’t just want regime change in Iran, but advocates for a preemptive strike on North Korea. Additionally, he still defends foreign policy blunders like the Iraq war, saying it was a success… still even knowing what we know now.






John Bolton: ‘The Most Dangerous American’:

These sorts are always so enthusiastic, about sending other people off to die for their ideology…

…but their own spineless rear end, will never be found anywhere near the war zones they cause.

The Transgender Taboo…


Date: April 01, 2018

01) The Transgender Taboo Full Movie!

“This is the story of America’s post-operative transmen, Thailand’s kathoeys, the Fa’afafine of Samoa, the sex-reassignment surgery capital of the world, Trinidad, Colorado, USA and a couple in a long-term relationship in which both partners are transgender.

Around the world, customs differ, but almost every society shares one thing the concept of gender. Many believe that there are only two: man and woman. But in India, transgender women who cut off their genitals live as women and form a third gender.

In Indonesia, hermaphrodite priests lead a society that recognizes five genders. And in rural Albania, women swap one gender for another to gain equality. Sometimes even the most conservative cultures must make room for those who challenge convention. But for many, embracing additional genders is still taboo.”