Amos Yee Interview [Jesse Lee Peterson]…

Date: April 05, 2018

01) Epic TV Interview with Jesse Lee Peterson (Pedophilia, Open Borders, LIFE)

“The Fallen State is amazing

Original video here (For triggered Conservative Christian Comments section):

I’m not so sure I’d call “The Fallen State” amazing…but I’ve seen a few episodes in the past…At the very least, it can be thought provoking…

…I thought some of the visual imagery infused [a jellyfish?…] was inappropriate and unprofessional…I could have done without the gore pictures, at the end credits…

Jesse Lee Peterson is very deep conservative religious…

…However fun and relaxed the interview comes off…I could not help sensing that he was more interested in producing a propaganda piece…Even the name of this interview show, “The Fallen State”, is propagandist. It’s like he’s inviting people on to talk, and putting them forward as “examples of how far things have fallen”.

A few things I should say about Amos Yee…

…I’ve been on the fence regarding Amos, ever since he started “defending pedophilia”…

He started off on a bad foot…Saying “it’s okay to destroy an infants rectum during the making of porn, if the child doesn’t cry about it”, is so morally wrong and flippant…that it could only stand to hurt us…It came off as lampooning of MAPs [and our supporters]…mockery…

I’ve seen way to many of these kinds of spectacles, over the years…Not only do I not want to intertwine myself with something like that…I’m just done with it.

It is seeming he is sincere…I’m more convinced of this, given a recent event.

For the record…I’ve always liked his disarming demeanor…He’s a very natural comic…I have a strong appreciation for that.

4 thoughts on “Amos Yee Interview [Jesse Lee Peterson]…

  1. Wil

    we’re facebook friends, and private chat a regularly, and that may not count as much, I do donate and try to help where I can…let’s keep things in perspective, he’s young and he’s a professional provocateur, he knows how to push someone from their comfort zones, and with a million times more finesse than omni ever could have hoped to achieve, rest his soul… but Yee? He was slated to speak at Harvard, he’s feels as I do that if one is comfortable, he’s no longer growing, therefore push, shove, LURCH people from their comfort zones in whatever way necessary to inspire an emotion or better still, a dialogue. He’s funny, disarming, frank and sincere in his defense of us.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I appreciate your perspective…and that you’ve shared it.

      I’m way slower to closely associate with people, these days…having been dragged down “a crazy ride”, or two with a few of them…the kind of thing that could have really come back to hurt me, bad…in more ways than one [and still did, on some level].

      I like to let new people on the scene establish themselves for a while, and see where they go.

      1. Wil

        That’s wise. I’ve always trusted too quickly. It’s true. I always assume the best in people.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        I used too…and I still look for the best in people…

        …But between the sociopathic moles, and the people who get pushed off the deep end…and just the people who get ensnared into legal turmoil…I retain no illusions about the safety of maintaining close connections.

        …It’s one of the saddest thing, about my years online.

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