Pedophile Omnipolitics Committed Suicide…


Date: April 05, 2018

01) Pedophile Omnipolitics Committed Suicide…

Other Acknowledgements:

I’d like to have more verification…but a web search turns up little…This video…a few blog/forum posts…some of the blogs having been deleted…And everything is drowning in a sea of inhumane abuse, aimed at Omnipolitcs16.

Thank you to Wil, for the heads up on this.

What I posted on the blog of Holocaust21:

Forgive this question, if it’s already been answered [I’m kind of in a hurry at the moment]…but has this been verified?

I want to post about this on my blog, of course…but I’ve seen a lot of things over the years…including MAPs faking their own deaths online, just to disappear.

One of the more egregious cases showed up a few years later, under the exact same persona that allegedly died, after being given the whole community spiel [black ribbon, “memorial/condolence” thread, etc.] and recorded amongst the communities deceased members…They acted like it was all a joke.

I’m hesitant wherever I can only find a few things to corroborate, and nothing that leads to a concrete verification.

I did not know Omnipolitics on a personal level [I only shared a handful of his videos on my blog]…I suspect some others here were closer with him?

I hope this comment doesn’t come off wrong…This is gut wrenching news…I did have concerns about this sort of thing [or him becoming victim to some other type of violence]…I had kind of a bad sense in my gut, over this situation…I almost didn’t share his content…I was very conflicted over the choice, recognizing what intense abuse he suffered down the road.

I don’t believe he was personally prepared for that…And us older MAPs should have taken him under our wing…

His videos were soon unavailable…and it [removal or keeping them up] became a mute issue for me, as a blogger.


I would like to extend my deepest condolences, to the family and friends of Omnipolitics.

This was a sad, senseless loss…and a tragedy, for a number of reasons.

As MAPs…we need to step in, and have each others backs…

…It’s not okay to absolve ourselves, and say we are not our brothers keeper.

This should not have happened…retorts of “low hanging fruit”, be damned…

…As a MAP community…this was our failure.

How many more of us does this have to happen to…before the MAP community finds it’s legs and stands up?

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18 thoughts on “Pedophile Omnipolitics Committed Suicide…

      1. Mario Alejandro Casillas

        Hey your a pedo sympathizer right? I have questions.

        How do you think pedos get laid do they just go up to a 7 year old ask em out to dinner then wait till the third date? What if the child doesn’t understand what their asking? What if they don’t consent? Is there an age limit for children or it’s ok no matter what the age. Do you think pedos get the right to do things to children that potentially aren’t old enough to have had ‘the talk’? Do you also support rape culture and believe rape should be legal? This is not meant as an attack I’m just curious to how the mind of a pedo support guy works.

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        Hello, Mario…

        “Hey your a pedo sympathizer right? I have questions.”

        I am a pedophile BoyLover.

        “How do you think pedos get laid do they just go up to a 7 year old ask em out to dinner then wait till the third date?”

        Where it comes to intergenerational relationships of that nature, discard the stereotypical models of “adult sex”. The dynamics are not the same, and the manifestations cannot be entirely the same.

        That said…in a civilization which understands, values and respects intergenerational love…the scenario of an adult taking a child out to dinner, or to places where they can spend time together, would not be particularly strange or ill viewed.

        Most modern cultures would have to experience radical changes, before any supportive social framework existed, which these types of relationships could honestly exist in.

        “What if the child doesn’t understand what their asking?”

        This is a failure on the part of culture and civilization.

        Children should not be forced into sexual ignorance…

        …If sex is not hidden from them, and they see the activities in culture…whenever they seek it out…they will have something on which they can base a decision, to self elect into some form of sexual activity.

        ” What if they don’t consent?”

        Then it is an abuse.

        “Is there an age limit for children or it’s ok no matter what the age.”

        That is a very deep, sometimes volatile, question…since nepiophilia [the sexual love of infants and toddlers] is also a factor.

        As I see it…this primarily hinges on the tolerance and temperament of the civilization.

        Some are intelligent and progressive enough…to see things for what they are.

        It’s little known or talked about today…but attitudes to sex [and sexual touch] were radically different in some regards, only a century back…and earlier.

        Mothers and other family members orally sucking a small boys penis [to calm him, etc.], was once considered a total non-issue…simple child rearing…The practice has been recorded in writings, and even paintings…

        …In France…there was once a time when the family structure was such that…a young [10…11…12…13…] boy’s first sexual companion would normally be his own mother…and this would commonly last until he took on a wife, and/or moved out of the home.

        These were pragmatic social decisions, the larger culture saw nothing shocking or horrendous about.

        Contrary to the “we learned better, and put a stop to it” opinion…these practices were a casualty of sharply changing moral outrage…Previously, they worked out quite splendidly in their cultures…People who morally object, like to cast a dark shadow on such practices, and act as though they were on par with slavery, or something…They also like to carry on, as if these things “must have been traumatic, and obviously not enjoyable”…There is no reason for this conclusion, other than ignorance and bigotry.

        The first example I just gave, easily falls into the behavioral realm of nepiphilia…even if the people doing it, were not strictly nepiophiles.

        Is it possible for civilization to afford sexual intimacy to children of all ages?…

        …Yes…it unquestionably is…It already has been, in the not so distant past.

        Should there be an age cut off?…

        …This is a question every civilization has to confront, debate, wrestle over, and make a decision regarding.

        “Do you think pedos get the right to do things to children that potentially aren’t old enough to have had ‘the talk’?”

        Well…pedophiles are people who are attracted to children in the roughly six to twelve age range…Generally speaking, if sex is not hidden from children in the culture…then they would be old enough to have some sort of “the talk”.

        Nepiophiles would be the more complicated discussion to be had…provided a culture agrees “the talk” is such a vital thing, for every single form of sexual encounter.

        If the culture is more lax, and has an eased mind about things like simple, gentle touch…then does “a talk” really hold so much importance, when that is all the child ever experiences?

        Hebephiles [who are attracted to people going through puberty] and ephebophiles [who are attracted to young people in their teens, who’ve passed through puberty], are generally accepted as being attracted to people who are likely to have had such a talk.

        As a side…I’ve never understood the whole ridiculous surrounding “the talk”…a generally uncomfortable encounter, with someone you’ll never have sexual relations with…who you don’t really even want to have such a discussion with…quickly dumping a bunch of “sex facts” onto you, and never bringing the topic up again…

        …as if this is how human sexuality even should be approached.

        It’s pathetic and ridiculous…as are cultures who think this is how things should be.

        “Do you also support rape culture and believe rape should be legal?”

        No, and no…

        The timing of your questions is kind of interesting, as I just recently [within the last week] wrote something relevant to this, for my “In Self Defense” series.

        In all honesty…I am a pragmatic moderate…I am against forced celibacy…I am against forced sexual activity…I am against forced sexual ignorance…I am for self elected, sexual freedom.

        Many people will say that “children cannot understand sex”…

        …And of course they cannot understand it, when the very same people making such claims, are among the people making certain children never see, or learn anything about sex…

        This is an unnatural state of being…which takes naturally sexual beings, and makes sexually dysfunctional beings out of them.

        I strongly recommend reading the Growing Up Sexually archive, which catalogues a very large collection of historical examples, where children and teens have been both expected and tolerated, to be engaged in sexual activity.

        Childhood sexuality has been far more tolerated throughout history, than most people imagine.

        When we take an honest look at it…the claims of “trauma and injury” fall flat.

        “This is not meant as an attack I’m just curious to how the mind of a pedo support guy works.”

        I appreciate that…Thank you.

    1. MAP acceptance is junkie logic

      You didn’t choose to be MAPs but all you guys that try to justify it like it’s completely natural are dangerous. Pedophilia as a sexual preference is not something you should be proud of or trying to push to acceptance. A lot of what I hear from MAPs sounds like justifications I would hear from the heroin addicts I used to associate with. There’s a big difference between asking for fair treatment and trying to convince the world with there’s nothing wrong with what you want. If you really want to be respected you should focus on stopping your kind from hurting people. I know a lot of people who were in “consensual interage relationships” as children. I met every one of them in rehab, jail or on the street and a lot of them are now dead.

      1. eqfoundation Post author

        Well…thank you for that accusatory glut of comments…

        …I don’t see where your experience or opinions, seriously call into question the integrity or character of anyone who regularly participates on this blog.

      2. feinmann

        An echo from a previous era when people were demonized for their innate homosexuality. Gays, when confronted now with a phrase like: “you guys that try to justify it like it’s completely natural are dangerous”, would have every right to seek redress in court where they could expect an appropriate punishment to be handed down to their cowardly discriminators.

        Seems to me as if this junkie’s associate has spent way too long with brain-damaged individuals suffering from acute memory loss. I recommend he immerse himself in a less ‘dangerous’ and more factual world, perhaps with the primary aim of gaining a greater knowledge of human sexuality, which he evidently lacks.

  1. Mario Alejandro Casillas

    Ok well I was just curious how someone of this mind behaves. Thank you for answering my questions and thank god this will never be legalized in this lifetime. You need help for this disorder it’s unfortunate that omnipolitics didn’t get the help he needed, I hope that never happens to you and you recieve the treatment you need.

    Thank you for sating my curiosity.

  2. feinmann0

    Déjà vu!

    I have a sneaking suspicion Mario Alejandro Casillas asked precisely these self-same questions in the past, and that you Steve provided a fulsome response at that time, which then elicited the self-same discriminatory response from him specifically: accusing you of having a mental disorder.

    His urge to defame and disrupt the discourse eclipses any ability he may otherwise possess to be educated.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      That’s possible. I don’t exactly recall, but I’ve responded to these sorts of things many times in the past.

      They were reasonably civil…so, I at least appreciated that.

  3. feinmann0

    Sorry, I have just spotted the dates of his comments … my mistake, however, my comment on phobia blinding his ability to discuss objectively, stands.

    Amos Yee’s tips on ‘How to be an Effective Pedophile Activist’ over on FreeSpeechTube sounds so easy in theory but when the majority has come to think the way Mario Alejandro Casillas does, any paedophile activist really is wasting their breath and their energy.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      That’s okay. I leave the comments open intentionally…So, I don’t complain when comments are left.

      I responded to Mario for the same reason I’ve responded to numerous such comments, in the past…to show that these kinds of things can be responded to, with intelligence and class…and to hone my responses a bit more.


      I don’t know what he is doing to sustain himself [maybe there are enough people donating to him?], but he clearly does not have to function in the real world…and has a serious disconnect from reality.

      I left a few responses in this thread…I’m fairly sure you’ll know who I am.

      Of course…it isn’t lost on me that the swipes he spontaneously takes at “bloggers”, point by point, fit me perfectly [and rule out likely everyone else]…

      The very idea that anyone would put out an “instructional/improvement video to help the movement”, and slide something that out of left field and destructive into the middle of it [for literally no reason]…it provided for a “What in the ever loving hell?” moment.

      The fact that part 2 contains a little tantrum, with insult and demeaning, along with really, really, really low level, basic advice, makes me wonder…most specifically if he read my critiques…[oh, hell…of course he did]…

      I’m not going to go over it right now…but, Amos is not fit to be the face of this movement [for many reasons]…and I hope like hell, people who are giving him money wake up to what they are “getting in bed with”.

      Unless someone wealthy is funding him…I get the sense he wont be relevant a year from now.

      We need self aware, personally responsible individuals who are informed, articulate and confident, and who know the facts and statistics well, to be out there talking with people…

      …We don’t need troll level shit disturbers, who flip flop on issues, make outrageous claims that make us look bad, abuse people in their private discord, out other MAPs they don’t like, and carry on online sexual relations with minors behind the communities back.

      He could very well end up in prison, if that last one has substantial evidence…He’s made enough admission, to make it clear he was doing something.

      I’ve been told very matter of fact, by a very prominent individual in the community [who was originally supportive of Amos], that he is a psychopath…

      …That is not the first time I’ve encountered someone saying this…and I’m at the point, where I believe they are correct.

      This isn’t about me being attacked…I don’t even care about that…

      There’s always been something at least a bit off about him, ever since he entered into our arena…I always kept him distant, so I didn’t see the depth of it earlier.

      He’s pretty well clueless, and looks to be saying whatever he thinks people will pay him money for.

      His presence here is more parasitic, than anything…in my opinion.

      What’s disturbing, is that many MAPs are desperate enough, to believe that he is a good investment.

      I predict this train wreck is going to come back around, and bite us hard.

  4. Miki

    Omni is not dead. The internet loves any story they can get. I personally know him because I used to be in their family but wound up breaking up wi to my fiancé because of his pedo brother Lylle bird-vieira is and always will be Omni and he is 19 now.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you, Miki. 🙂

      At the specific moment in time this post was being written, there was at least one prominent figure treating it as though it were real.

      Suicides are a real thing in the MAP community…I’ve experienced and known of several.

      When I wrote this, I was doing the decent thing, and not treating it as though it were a lie.

      Though I haven’t personally seen him resurface in anything, I have been told by a small number of people that he’s actually still alive…

      Part of the reason I wrote and responded like this, is because I felt I may have been partially responsible, because I had been raising awareness to his videos…Some of the aggressors who descended upon him, could have discovered him through me…I don’t know. This blog gets more regular traffic, that most people might think.

      I’m glad to know he is okay…and fake suicides aren’t a new thing among online MAPs…

      …it’s just that I’ve seen it happen enough times, and in a few cases it’s left a bad enough taste in my mouth [because it honestly is grossly disrespectful to those who’ve actually done it]…that I just walked away from this particular situation.

      Okay…I accept that I was misled about the suicide of another MAP.

      What I offered was sincere and good willed.

      I’ve seen too many friends die this way…MAP and otherwise.


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