Internet Insanity: Kurt Eichenwald…


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Date: April 06, 2018

01) Internet Insanity: Kurt Eichenwald (1 of 2)

“This is part 1 in the tale of one of the world’s weirdest reporters.”

Internet Insanity: Kurt Eichenwald (2 of 2):

“This is part 2 in the tale of one of the world’s weirdest reporters.”

Many of us remember the Justin Berry fiasco…and the tyrade of Kurt Eichenwald…

It is no shocker to see that he is another one of the hysterics, who is crashing and burning.

Thanks to Enochian, for this find.

Amongst various important details not mentioned here…it’s important to note, that Justin Berry actually fled the U.S., going down to Mexico…where he could live in peace, as he built and ran his own “child porn” website.

He was of legal age, in Mexico.

What happened to Justin, is that he got entrapped when he made a trip back into the U.S…Eichenwald had a hand in instigating this, and cornering Berry into destroying his own, lucrative business, while sticking a knife into the backs of his customers…and pretending like he was “a victim”, after years of personally being a fugitive, importing illegal content into the U.S., having tons of hot sex…and making money hand over fist [which could have set him for life, had he been wise about it].

Few people who know the facts take it serious, whenever Justin Berry is called “a victim”…

…He was the fundamental architect and orchestrator, of his own life circumstances…and he was exploiting his own situation, in spades.

Justin has proven to be an individual, who will play either side of the coin he believes will most benefit himself [even having quietly snuck back into a peripheral niche associated with the online porn industry, in the shadow of all of this]…having no loyalty to anyone…and no integrity.

It is precisely the Justin Berry, Kurt Eichenwald scandal…which has kept Eichenwald in ill repute with many MAPs, for over a decade…

…As it turns out…things just keep getting more and more loony, in this soap opera.


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