“Masterbation Is Homosexuality”…

Date: April 06, 2018

01) “Mastürbation Is Homosexüality” – Fundamentalist Lunatic

Let’s all be good sports, and welcome this mass influx of homosexuals into our community of perverts!

5 thoughts on ““Masterbation Is Homosexuality”…

  1. Wil

    I read one recently that said, “masturbation is Satan’s typewriter,” which acts as a barely literate metaphor, at best. However, with that having been said, and speaking of little a horniness about the head,” pp I’m gonna go bang out yet another copy of War and Peace. I’ll be entertaining some young relatives tomorrow and whether they even noticed or not, I want to look my best, after which I’ll no doubt be pounding out yet another copy of the Library of Congress, LOL LOL good night everyone

  2. Yure

    Yes, it is, as you are of the same sex of yourself. However, what the Bible speaks against is a man going to bed with another man as if he was a woman. It’s not all manifestations of homosexuality that are banned. Likely only anal sex. I could go in detail… but I’m not sure if I should.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      I’m pretty certain you are correct. That has always been my interpretation of it.

      Since they didn’t have condoms back then, nor things to combat infections, it was a lot more risky…of course.

  3. Wil

    I’m Jewish, barely. Science is my religion. Science I’ve seen. Science I’ve witnessed. Science I’ve seen bring the dead back to life. Science I’ve witnessed caused the lame to walk. Science has restored vision to the blind and caused the deaf to hear sounds again. Jesus? Not s’much. First off, the entire Christian myth is entirely fiction. If you think your man-god was the actual One, why on earth wouldn’t you practice His religion. He was here, right?? He hung out, did some shit, started that whole martyrdom trend, then booked. Guess what else he did…he practiced Judaism. He didn’t start a religion, he had nothing whatsoever to do with the creation of the religion of Christendom. Nothing. Like, like, at all. None. That was the formation of the Holy Roman Empire in 325 C.E. at the Council of Nicaea. They were uniting the various city-states in a formation of an empire. War. Power. Money. Resources. Jesus didn’t have jack shit to do with that religion, if he had even existed at all. I wouldn’t be able to say, I wasn’t there. I do know that the religion is bunk, and their own history proves it; but I don’t let Judaism off the hook either, I can tear that shit to shreds too. Basically I don’t require an invisible patriarchal sky santa threatening me with a lake of sulfur as motivation to be a good person. I’m a good person because I know hurt from heal, pain from relief, joy from sorrow and how to empathize with humankind.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      “. I’m a good person because I know hurt from heal, pain from relief, joy from sorrow and how to empathize with humankind.”

      Preach it, brother!

      I’ve never taken a hard stance, on whether Jesus historically existed [as an influential human being, without all the magic powers]…Though I definitely believe what we see represented in the bible, is a composite character…and Christianity is primarily recycled content from previous religions…with a bit of the golden rule mixed in, to maintain some level of sanity.

      I consider religion and spirituality to be, first and foremost, a personal journey to navigate…So long as we all arrive at a “live and let live” mindset…I don’t really care where people find their personal solace in life…They can pray to all the “invisible creatures” they like…

      …But if they ever come after me in aggression or violence, “because their invisible creature has been whispering in their ear”…we’ve got a serious problem, that will be dealt with…in whatever resolution is most conveniently at hand for me. 🙂


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