His Hate Rally Failed, Now He’s Sorry, Then A Shocking Ending…

Date: April 09, 2018

01) His Hate Rally Failed, Now He’s Sorry, Then A Shocking Ending

“The organizer of a protest at a Phoenix mosque last week watched his GoFundMe campaign to raise $10 million for his family’s security shut down three days after it was set up.

Protest organizer Jon Ritzheimer had a brief moment in the sun when he was interviewed by Anderson Cooper about his Freedom of Speech Rally Round II, featuring a Draw Mohammad contest.

Ritzheimer saw his protest fizzle, drawing only a few hundred people, with as many opposing him as supporting him and has since made the rally Facebook page unavailable. The former Marine had stated that he would be selling F*ck Islam shirts as part of his campaign to promote freedom of speech.”


“We’ve all got freedom of speech…So, use it to talk to each other…We’re a lot more similar than you think”…

This is a gem…

…It’s also why this blog exists.

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