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SURPRISE: US Bombed Antivenom Medical Facility…

Date: April 16, 2018

01) SURPRISE: US Bombed Antivenom Medical Facility

“US, British and French strikes slammed into a series of targets around Damascus that the Western countries said were linked to the Syrian government’s chemical weapons programme.

One multi-storey complex, in the capital’s northern district of Barzeh, had been completely reduced to rubble, AFP’s correspondents saw during a government-sponsored tour on Saturday…


Michigan Gov Declares Flint Water Crisis Over, Stops Supply of Bottled Water…

Date: April 16, 2018

01) Michigan Gov Declares Flint Water Crisis Over, Stops Supply of Bottled Water

“Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder, announced he’d be stopping a state program that supplies residents of Flint with bottled water. Why? Because—according to him—the lead contamination crisis is now officially over. The reality is that Flint residents still don’t have clean drinking water, and the supply of bottled water was a crucial resource for residents that they still very much need.


SHOCK: 97% Climate Change Consensus DEBUNKED…

Date: April 16, 2018

01) SHOCK: 97% Climate Change Consensus DEBUNKED

“A shocking new report debunks the “97% consensus” on climate change, pointing out that, in fact, 99.94% of peer-reviewed climate science studies support the view that human activity on earth is impacting the climate, including changing air and ocean temperatures