Then They Came For The Poets – TFF episode 77…

Date: April 17, 2018

01) Then They Came For The Poets – TFF episode 77

“Poetry readings used to be spaces of erotic energy in which the poets on the stage, the purveyors of beautiful words, had power, and we in the audience wanted to bask in the glow. Now that’s all forbidden.

Quotes from New York Times
As allegations of sexual harassment sweep through the publishing industry—resulting in canceled book deals, boycotts by bookstores and expulsions from writers’ conferences—publishers, agents and editors are grappling with how to tackle the issue. As in the entertainment business, where celebrated actors have lost starring roles in TV shows and movies, publishing companies are facing painful trade-offs as they cut ties with accused men in hopes of minimizing any collateral damage.
Jamie Thomas, a manager and children’s book buyer at the bookstore Women & Children First in Chicago, removed books by Mr. Asher, Mr. Dashner and Mr. Alexie from the store’s shelves. “I don’t want to have our customers having to come in here and ask why we’re supporting someone accused of sexual misconduct,” she said.”

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