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Muslim American Woman Could Succeed John Conyers in Congress…


Date: April 24, 2018

01) Muslim American Woman Could Succeed John Conyers in Congress

“Former Michigan state Representative Rashida Tlaib is a leading contender in the crowded Democratic primary race to replace Rep. John Conyers.

Tlaib was the first Muslim woman to be elected to Michigan legislature, and she could be the first elected to Congress.

TYT contributor Ryan Grim teamed with Intercept colleague Maryam Saleh on this report:


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Tongues Untied (1989) Documentary…


Date: April 23, 2018

01) Tongues Untied (1989) Documentary

“The film blends documentary footage with personal account and fiction in an attempt to depict the specificity of black gay identity. The “silence” referred to throughout the film is that of black gay men, who are unable to express themselves because of the prejudices of white and black heterosexual society, as well as the white gay society.

The narrative structure of Tongues Untied is both interesting and unconventional. Besides including documentary footage detailing North American black gay culture, Riggs also tells of his own experiences as a gay man. These include the realization of his sexual identity and of coping with the deaths of many of his friends to AIDS. Other elements within the film include footage of the Civil Rights Movement and clips of Eddie Murphy performing a homophobic stand-up routine.

The documentary dealt with the simultaneous critique of the politics of racism, homophobia and exclusion as they are intertwined with contemporary sexual politics. The film is a part of a body of recently released films and videos, which examine central issues in the lives of lesbian and gay Black people. Riggs’ work challenged television’s generic boundaries of conformity during the late 80s and early 90s. The television documentary during this time was the conventional talking head, expert interviews, and personal testimonials commonly on public affair issues.

Directed by Marlon Riggs
Produced by Marlon Riggs
Starring Marlon Riggs,
Essex Hemphill, Brian Freeman
Narrated by Marlon Riggs
Distributed by Frameline & California Newsreel
Release date:
October 26, 1989 (American Film Institute Video Festival)
Running time:
55 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English”

I remember watching this when it debuted.


Beware of Lurid, Violent and Horrifying Dark Web Evidence: Demand Authentication or Lose the Cause…

Date: April 23, 2018

01) Beware of Lurid, Violent and Horrifying Dark Web Evidence: Demand Authentication or Lose the Cause

“It’s very easy to lose yourself especially when your intentions are honorable and you know that evil must be conquered. But evil stopped requires proof. Proof, authentication and validation.”

I’m not a fan of a whole lot of Lionel Nations…but, this video is worth a watch…

…particularly for the anonymous/pizzagate people…

Here we see Lionel, who was warming up towards acceptance of “pizzagate” last I saw him, speaking some legal sense as a lawyer…in the aftermath of more insanity coming out of anonymous, and the “pizzagate” crowd…

It seems they are spreading another doozy of a rumor around, with zero substantiation…and the lemmings are lining up, to hoot and holler…call for a public execution…

…Because some unsubstantiated video, by an anonymous person nobody knows the identity of, from a group which disavows itself of all responsibility and regularly throws it’s own integrity on the trash heap…is good enough for the people who hate pedophiles and Hillary Clinton…

They just want any excuse…no matter how awful…And “pizzagate” keeps getting more and more stupid, as it devolves…

As I recall it…I’ve mentioned some of these exact same things, during my own interactions with “pizzagate” people…

…But “I’m no good”, because I’m a pedophile…

I wonder if they’d even listen to one of their own…

…Well…here you go…

The DNC and DCCC are Funneling Money to Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC…

Date: April 23, 2018

01) The DNC and DCCC are Funneling Money to Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC

“The DNC and DCCC have paid Hillary Clinton’s super PAC, ‘Onward Together,’ a combined $1.6 million dollars for “list acquisition,” and a “generic committee list rental,” respectively. Why, exactly, is money that could be going to state parties being funneled to the super PAC of a two-time presidential loser?


“THEY LIED!!!” Bernie Sanders’ BRILLIANT Takedown of Trump & the Warmonger Establishment…

Date: April 23, 2018

01) “THEY LIED!!!” Bernie Sanders’ BRILLIANT Takedown of Trump & the Warmonger Establishment

“Bernie Sanders destroys Trump & his lackeys on Trump’s illegal war in Yemen and calls on Congress to assert its authority… Unfortunately, Senator Bob Corker and the establishment stifled the effort!”

Alex Jones: The Globalists Want To Kill Me!…

Date: April 23, 2018

01) Alex Jones: The Globalists Want To Kill Me!

“ALEX JONES (HOST): Coming up at the end of the hour, in the next segment, I’m going to go over the AP [Associated Press] actually being somewhat honest about what I’ve really said about Sandy Hook versus the rest of the media. And it’s not that I’m running away from saying I think it was a hoax if it was a hoax. For four years I’ve said I think people really died there. And they know that. The suit by the media, by the Democrats, using the poor parents, is meant to just demonize yours truly building up to something big. They physically, I can guarantee you, want to assassinate my character ahead of setting me up, putting me in prison, or having me killed. If you don’t think the globalists don’t kill people all day — they’ve hijacked America, they killed President Kennedy, they’re trying to kill President Trump. They’re trying to stop this country being restored. And they’re using a lot of people to demonize their opposition in the wake of it. And so a lot of people are asking me how I’m doing. I am doing great, thanks to you.