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Should Iceland Ban Circumcision? A Legal and Ethical Analysis…

Date: April 24, 2018

01) Should Iceland Ban Circumcision? A Legal and Ethical Analysis

Thanks to feinmann0, for this find.

“Iceland’s proposed legislation seeks to criminalise circumcision on male minors that is unnecessary ‘for health reasons,’ stating individuals who remove ‘part or all of the sexual organs shall be imprisoned for up to 6 years.’”

The author’s sate that: “While the bill concerns circumcisions not performed for ‘health reasons’, it does not define the term ‘health.’ This is an oversight, as the term is not self-evident.”

According to bill spokesperson Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir, a key reason for the bill is that all forms of female genital cutting (FGC), no matter how minor, have been illegal in Iceland since 2005, but no similar legislation exists for males.

“If we have laws banning circumcision for girls,” she said in an interview, then for consistency “we should do so for boys.” Consequently, the bill is not specific to male circumcision, but adapts the existing law banning FGC, changing “girls” to “children.”

This gets way, way deeper than what is quoted here…and it should be read in full.

It’s sounding like this may be a toothless law.

What do you think about Stephen Moreton’s comments?…aside from the fact that they may come off a bit aggressive…and maybe condescending…and they’re obviously vigorously defending circumcision…

One reasonable take away, is that he thinks all males should be compelled to “take one for the team”, because third world countries [which lack the same hygiene resources as “first world”] might not want to circumcise their boys anymore, and HIV [etc.] might explode in those regions…

…He also compares it to the effectiveness of a vaccine…

I’ve never bought into the notion, that an unnecessary surgery of this nature should take place, except in the presence of an immediate danger to the individual…

…I mean…I’m sorry if they don’t have running water in their village…or other resources, that would vastly eliminate diseases and infections without circumcision…But does that make it rational or moral, to force it upon people who overwhelmingly, do not statistically need it, because their living conditions are different?

I know this may sound like a naïve question, given the sheer magnitude of such a project…But wouldn’t it be more humane and decent of us, to help them bring their living conditions up to first world standards, instead of leaving them in it?…and pushing them to cut off boys foreskins, to better survive in it?

How many trillions would it cost to overhaul a country in Africa?…

…How many trillions is it worth, to save these boys bodily integrity [and whatever else they lose from this]?

Even if I have some distaste for Stephens conclusion…I have to admit, most people aren’t likely to even consider such a humane intervention, with such a high price tag…

…And the African AIDs crisis, is a serious one.

Does it make sense in Africa, while it’s overwhelmingly foolish in the more modern countries?

…What a shitty circumstance for African boys.

It’s cases like these…where we find out how much the world honestly does care.

The Beginning of the End of Net Neutrality is Officially Here…

Date: April 24, 2018

01) The Beginning of the End of Net Neutrality is Officially Here

“As of April 23rd, 2018, parts of the FCC’s repeal of Title II will go into effect, thus marking the beginning of the end of net neutrality in the United States. Other parts of the repeal order are expected to take effect months later, but in the meantime, more than half of states are weighing their own legislation that would protect net neutrality.


The Left has right on its side…

Date: April 24, 2018

01) The Left has right on its side

“Let’s be honest. It’s the political Left that has society’s best interests at heart, that works for the good of all. It has always been the Left that has struggled to protect the weak from the strong, that has fought for workers’ rights, for sexual and racial equality, for the welfare state. It is the Left that now challenges abuses of power by corporations and financial institutions. And it is the Left that seeks to build a world based on mutual respect, not individualistic self-seeking. It is the Left, not the Right, that has right on its side.

Yet according to conservatives, it is precisely that self-regard, that attempt to monopolise virtue, which exposes the hypocrisy of left-wing ideology. To flaunt your concern for your fellow man doesn’t make you right – it just gives you the smug glow of virtue signalling. In fact, by expanding the state, overtaxing the rich and splurging benefits on the poor, the Left has always damaged society by crippling people’s natural instinct to better themselves. It is the Right, by championing free markets, free choice and social cohesion, that has right on its side.”

Becoming immortal – VPRO documentary – 2018…


Date: April 24, 2018

01) Becoming immortal – VPRO documentary – 2018

“Becoming immortal is now at hands reach, thanks to the latest technological innovations. Would you want to become immortal, even if that means preserving your severed head in a cryogenic tank? If aging is considered as a disease, then the cure is immortality. This is not a Black Mirror episode, this is VPRO Backlight: Becoming immortal.

Original title: De Onsterfelijken

Is eternal life reserved only for the rich or the lunatics of the earth? Silicon Valley is fascinated with the concept of overcoming death and rejuvenation. Billions are invested in becoming immortal. The idea is that when aging is considered as a disease, we can also develop a cure for dying and modify the natural lifecycle thanks to age reversing or anti aging therapy.

A tight community of scientists and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley bear an enormous source of daring capital, like Aubrey de Grey says: ““If you’re not pissing everybody off in this life, then you’re probably not making much of a difference”.
This community is also firmly convinced that our DNA can be cracked in what would becalled: The code of mortality, allowing us all to become immortal.

And if becoming immortal does not happen within their own life span, then it will certainly happen in the following years. Therefore many a millionaire has his own personal cryogenic tank ready for cryopreservation so they can be brought back to life after death. Whether it will be in material form or in the form of a software program (digital immortality) or as nanobots remains to be seen.

Some can not wait that long and use themselves as guinea pigs. All of them hope to become immortal.
The science in the field of life extension is a booming business. The question remains whether everyone can benefit from this groundbreaking knowledge and become immortal.

With: Aubrey de Grey (Scientist), Liz Parrish (Bioviva), Darren Moore (Millionaire) and Kathleen Ann Goonan (Science-fiction writer), Linda Chamberlain (Alcor).
Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2018.
© VPRO Backlight March 2018

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Did These Things Happen In The ‘Harry Potter’ Books Or Films?…


Date: April 24, 2018

01) Did These Things Happen In The ‘Harry Potter’ Books Or Films?

“Not everything from the Harry Potter books made it into the films. After all it has to be pretty hard to stuff 4,175 pages worth of text into 20 hours of film.”

I guess I know the movies well enough, to get by…A perfect score!

At least one I had to guess at…Another is kind of misleading, and up to interpretation…but I went with the most solid answer, in my opinion.

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The Commercialization Of Childhood (2008)…

Date: April 24, 2018

01) The Commercialization Of Childhood (2008) – MIND-CONTROL MARKETING!

“With virtually no government oversight or public outcry, the multibillion-dollar youth marketing industry has used the latest advances in psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience to transform American children into one of the most powerful and profitable consumer demographics in the world. American kids, targeted from birth with sales pitches for everything from Hollywood merchandise and junk food to iPods, cell phones, and the family car, now influence an estimated $700 billion in annual consumer spending. Consuming Kids traces the evolution and impact of this unprecedented phenomenon. Drawing on the insights of children’s health experts, media critics, and industry insiders, it blows the lid off the youth marketing industry’s stealth tactics and explores the effects of consumerism on the imaginative lives of children.”