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12-year-old boy uses family credit card to fly to Bali after argument with mother…

Date: April 26, 2018

01) 12-year-old boy uses family credit card to fly to Bali after argument with mother

“Boy had researched airlines which allow passengers to travel without letter from parents

An Australian family were left terrified when their son was reported missing, only for it to transpire that he had stolen the family credit card and travelled alone to Bali.

As reported in 9 News, 12-year-old Drew* had a heated argument with his parents.

“He doesn’t like the word ‘no’,” his mother said.

He subsequently told them he was going to school. However, Drew had actually stolen the family credit cards and, after tricking his grandmother into giving him his passport, travelled alone to Bali. He was able to do so having researched Australian airlines which allow minors to travel with only a student ID and passport, rather than requiring a letter from a parent or guardian.

He ultimately spent four days alone in the country.

“It was great,” he told A Current Affair. “Because I wanted to go on an adventure.”

feinmann0: “Headline: 12yo Aussie boy stole family credit cards, and flew to Bali solo Who says 12 year old kids are not mature enough to take the initiative?”

It often amazes me, that anybody is astonished that a twelve year old is capable of doing this…Because, why on earth would they be naturally incapable of it?

Yeah…a lot of them are infantilized…but, if you don’t shelter them horridly…and let them interact with people, and the world…so long as they have the funds to pay with…there is no barrier there.

…Stealing the credit card was bad, though.

Incompetent “News” Agencies Smear Alice Day…

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Date: April 26, 2018

01) Sex traffickers, pedophiles use disturbing symbol for networking on April 25 known as Alice Day

“CLEVELAND – Parents need to be extra vigilant today because child abusers and pedophiles are on the prowl.

News 5 spoke exclusively with a man who’s tracking down those criminals, and his new study exposes more about who these perpetrators are.

“It is a rabbit hole, and depends on how far you want to go down,” said Dr. Jesse Bach, Director Emeritus for the Imagine Foundation, a non-profit developing research and recovery services for sex trafficking and pedophile victims.

On April 25, sex traffickers and pedophiles parade a teddy bear symbol around that looks happy and innocent, but it represents their very dark world. The symbol signals they’re all in the same club, and a pathway to trade tips and tricks on how to get their next victim. What might be more disturbing is who these perpetrators are.”

There’s so much false information here, that this “report” is just incompetent.

“Pedo Bear” is a symbol of pedophile mockery, which was created and promoted by 4chan. It is not a symbol of Alice Day, nor IBLD. No self respecting MAP I’ve ever known [in almost twenty years of involvement with the MAP community], takes this symbol seriously.

They dump a few unrelated assertions about “predators preying on children, sharing tips and human sex trafficking”…

…When the day is merely one of positive observation, and MAP community…

…Then they go on to indict law enforcement, fire fighters and politicians in all of this…

…I’m certainly not suggesting there aren’t a lot of hypocrites out there, in law enforcement and politics…And I do appreciate the public admission…

…but, seriously?…

In this setting, it’s just word diarrhea.

…It has nothing to do with Alice Day.

These shysters are trying to assassinate the character, of a harmless day of observation.

They even have the gall, to interview an alleged victim of sex trafficking…

This has absolutely nothing to do with Alice Day, whatsoever!


Happy Alice Day, 2018!…


Date: April 25, 2018

It’s April 25th, and if you have been paying attention…you know that today is Alice Day.

It may seem kind of cheap on it’s face, to share a bunch of videos of girls singing…but, these are pretty awesome singing videos…

Girl sings “Hallelujah” down a well in Italy….Beautiful singing and echo!:

Cute little girl(sienna Belle) singing – love me like you do:

7-Year-Old Impersonates Taylor Swift and sings You Belong With Me:

Alexa Sings Girl On Fire | The Voice Kids Australia 2014:

Beautiful russian girls singing:

I hope everybody has a fabulous Alice Day.

Take pride in who you are…

…Always remember…

…Anyone can hate…But it takes the real spice of this world, to truly love.


If You Believe You Are a Citizen of the World, You Are A Citizen of Nowhere…

Date: April 25, 2018

01) If You Believe You Are a Citizen of the World, You Are A Citizen of Nowhere

“If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere. You don’t understand what citizenship means.”

When Theresa May uttered these words at the Tory party conference in 2016, there was uproar. May was targeting the liberal establishment, who flit business class from Mayfair to Monaco, from Davos to Doha; those in positions of power, who, as May put it, ‘behave as though they have more in common with international elites than with the people down the road’.

But many people who don’t fit in this frequent flyer category felt under attack too. For this group, believing you are a citizen of the world is a badge of honour, not shame. The cosmopolitan impulse, they believe, isn’t about loyalty to any single community. On the contrary, you can be a citizen of your street, your city, your country and the entire globe. And in our interconnected world, those with a burning concern for global justice, for the environment, for the strife and carnage happening beyond our borders, see themselves as part of humanity at large – as citizens of the world.

But for a different group of people, May’s words resonated deeply. These are the people who feel genuinely rooted in their communities, who feel the strongest sense of solidarity with those who share their history, language and other elements of a common culture. These people often feel sneered at as nationalists or worse, as bigots, by the elites who do not understand their profound intuition that the nation state is the natural expression of group identity.

To unpack these divisions at the heart of contemporary politics, Intelligence Squared is bringing together Simon Schama, one of Britain’s most celebrated historians, who embodies the cosmopolitan spirit; and Elif Shafak, the Turkish novelist and commentator, who calls herself a ‘world citizen and a global soul’. Joining them will be the author David Goodhart, whose bestseller The Road To Somewhere identifies two tribes –’Somewheres’, who feel strong local and national attachments, and ‘Anywheres’, global villagers who value autonomy and mobility; and David Landsman, a former diplomat now in the corporate world, who is concerned about the growing intellectualisation of work, which is widening the gap between the professional classes and everyone else.”