Be Fruitful and Multiply: the “Sin” of being Child-Free…


Date: April 26, 2018

01) Be Fruitful and Multiply: the “Sin” of being Child-Free

“In some fundamentalist cultures, the decision to not have children is considered a violation of God’s edict to “be fruitful and multiply.” In this radio podcast, we discuss being child-free against the expectations of others.”

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19 thoughts on “Be Fruitful and Multiply: the “Sin” of being Child-Free…

  1. Wil

    I would never ever want to be child free, I just have to be discreet about it!

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Well…Children are around.

      I’ve found myself with children in my life, regardless of having no personal intent.

      I have no offspring…but there are a few children.

  2. Wil

    My words speak only for me and represent none other than that roster of one. Sometimes indignant, other times plain silly, always irreverent and my comèdie noire can occasionally make the typically obscene seem like Grammie-gam’s homemade white lace doilies. I’ll get mad and I’m always vote for but my words speak or no one else, do you want someone held accountable for them come to me

      1. Wil

        So having a sense of humor would do work endanger you? Or me? You did read the Doug Stanhope quotation, yes? I’m just saying, if I’m endangering you with my words I don’t really want to engage or participate, I wouldn’t do that to you. I would just simply read along and remain quiet. That said if my brand of sick humor endangers only myself then small price In exchange for quality-of-life, being true to oneself, to say nothing of free speech you’re having a fucking laugh. If it’s only me, I’ll remain free thanks and if my head gets bashed in, well I remained true to myself I would rather be anything anything in the world no matter how vile I would rather be anything before I would a hypocrite

      2. eqfoundation Post author

        Oh, it’s okay…I’ve not judged you, at all…

        I understand…and I’ve been in your mode, at times…

        I’m a refugee of various websites, from YouTube to various blogging sites…Which is why I keep my personal expressions fairly tame and mild…I’m tired of rebuilding…and moving around…

        So…there is a bit of a balance…sometimes, I’m not always sure where to draw the line…There’s plenty of movies online, with beautiful boys in nude scenes I’d love to share…But, I probably wont…And I absolutely cannot allow this blog to become a place of “trading illegal advice”, or the like…

        …But, mostly…I just hate seeing people get hurt, when it could be avoided.

        I don’t mind sick senses of humor, either…I think, they are a cynical place where society pushes so many of us…and it’s just our way of coping.

      3. Wil

        okay, if you’re speaking of me I’m ancient, and I’ve been retired for the last coming up on six years now…I’ve been married (poly, but steadfast and closed-circuit) for the same boy for the last 16, come July the one living family member with whom all my hope to impress or make proud is the same I’ve mentioned and grew up with and so he was diddled same-as-me, and knows and repeats, same-as-me that there’s degrees of murder or degrees of lying so why aren’t there degrees of this, NOTHING is black and white and we were both well cared for and loved and what’s more we wanted for nothing and grew up happy and successful, well adjusted and so on. I can’t say the same for the vast majority of my “un-touched” peers, actually. So, not only does he know my voice on the topic of “oh-come-the-fuck-on-already, I doubt we’re even discussing the same things,” but he defends it and shares it. Any other person on the planet for me to impress? Yes. That guy that stares back at me from the shaving reflection. I have to respect me, I have to trust me, I have to believe me, and I absolutely must like me, and I live my life to that end….even (or especially?) when that innocuously pisses off the ignorant or the spineless, but especially those knuckle-dragging troglodytic mongoloids capable of reasoning this shit out if they weren’t so goddamned lazy that they can’t be fucked to put forth a little effort, because much like their religion, if they tug at the thread, the whole goddamn tapestry comes furrowing from the wall and that sounds too much like work.

      4. Wil

        And if you’re talking about YouthLiberation, dude… go listen to him. He’s got all of the facts, research, academic citations, quotations, historical context, and debate chops I’ve seen in Yee (who’s gonna be interviewed apparently for an upcoming issue of the NAMBLA Bulletin, which I was under the impression had been disconinuted; (I miss the the most personally, I’d participated in their new logo contest, LOL) but he has none of the immaturity when representing his target, I mean, please understand, I’m not comparing him with your unsubstantiated fear of another OmniPolitics, ummm, wow…. you simply could not *be* any further off-base on that one, I’m comparing him to Yee, who I respect and admire in a couple of ways but would love to be able to give him about 15 years of interpersonal and social development in an afternoon for the sake of his career, future, and of course his face and name when associated to what could very well be a decades long cause that he could very well be cited in history books for someday; that said, YouthLiberation is green and has some growth coming sure, but he’s going to surprise you in the best possible way.

      5. eqfoundation Post author

        I’m not “comparing” in that way…

        …I don’t want anyone killing themselves.

        Last I heard about NAMBLA bulletin, many years ago…is that they were looking into distributing through PDF, online. I didn’t think they were actively publishing.

        I’ll go take a look…

        …I’m still going to post his vids, I’m just taking a bit of a break from it…[I’ve been trying to download and archive them, as I go].

      6. Wil

        Well I would say that none of us wants anyone killing him self; but then I reckon that’s not entirely true anymore these days now is it…and I just don’t have even the slightest semblance of a residual shadow from a former ghost of an inkling of an echo of something vaguely resembling an insight as to whom amongst us is worthy our trust… and what I do know is that but what I do know is that there’s wisdom there in your words and actions and I am far too old for her too old for this

      7. Wil

        too? i know it’s *supposed* to be irrelevant but omg, he’s got the pure unadulterated sex appeal that I could easily see betraying my country, joining a cult, and smacking my octogenarian grandmother across the head with an electric weed-whacker for…srzly
        ~ ~ ~ c o q d r u l

  3. Wil

    besides, I’m a full-on real-deal stand-up guy… and a firearms enthusiast. I won’t harm but I’ll defend all goddamn day.

  4. Wil

    I am going to have to reassess therefore I too will be stepping away, I don’t have much and I have a lot less by way of time, we’re not far enough along for me to suit up for battle and I’m not going to be here long enough to see it through its entirety be it pro or con therefore I believe my energy reserves should be channeled into more immediate and worthwhile endeavors than the profound futility of hoping to realize seeing the winner of this profoundly interesting and dichotomous social tête-à-tête within the expiration of my looming mortality.

    Oh how I once loved the fight of it all, any iniquity …though that word, love I mean, being the strongest coming to mind in this moment, at the disposal. And although my arsenal is ever expanding, even that word, describing the sensation, it does not even begin to do justice enough to the thrill and the delusion of your seeming immortality, your invincibility, when you’re convinced that you absolutely are acting on the behalf of one not the sacred core virtues of humankind and likely beyond… sharpening tooth and nail and honing stratagem abs tactician to concert in defense of what is just and right…no matter how under the underdog, the flames of this passion be it social, political or judicial are best described by me as close as I can conceive of what it must be like to be immaculately omnipotent; a son of Zeus or perhaps less, only a demigod, Apollo let’s say; Incapable of yielding, impervious to exhaust, oblivious to all possibilities which lay beyond the periphery of the reality of your opponent’s total vanquish, obliteration, nonnegotiable compliance on scales of the atomies. Moving the underlying fabric of an opponents subconscious will in such a way they no longer exist backing out of reality entirely. Knowing so certainly the inevitability of my major, I would be complacent not to first doubt the Sun rising tomorrow morning in the East long before entertaining any other fanciful realities.

    Turns out, though…that was just youth…

    I’ve exhausted my reserves and therefore bow to the absurd, and succumb to bitter deception of youth. Although it is necessary imbibing then with the seeming power requisite For each generation to reform reality in his image and bend it to his will, for every generation to change the world they must believe in it…
    However that doesn’t make the lie anymore real, nor the massive wound to my ego smart any less, I do see why it is there.

    I hope I can come back.

    I lack the reserves to continue for now if there is any truth to the colorful concept of hopping right back on this ride, then my continuance is already secure. I’ll continue fighting the good fight in the next life. I’ve been down, perhaps not this road specifically before, hereabouts for sure, walking distance… and that gives me hope renewed and springing eternal.


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